Scientists Use Acid to Turn Blood Cells into Stem Cells in 30 Seconds

This is a game changer, folks. Whereas mining stem cells has been either an ethical quandary or a months-long affair, scientist can now turn any old blood cells into stem cells in just 30 seconds—by dipping them in acid. Read More >>

China is Cloning Pigs on an 'Industrial Scale'

A new report by the BBC reveals that China isn't just experimenting with cloning—it's doing it on an "industrial scale." Which is at best interesting and at worst more than a small cause for concern. Read More >>

This Nonprofit Is Quietly Cloning the World's Largest (and Oldest) Trees

The 2,500-year-old Ankerwycke Yew, which sits near a medieval nunnery in Southern England, has borne witness to some serious history. It shaded the King of England during the signing of the Magna Carta. It was a favourite meeting spot of Anne Boleyn and King Henry. And it’s likely going to see a whole lot more, after the Archangel Ancient Tree Archive finishes cloning it. Read More >>

Russian Scientists Have Found a Frozen Woolly Mammoth With Blood That Still Flows

The woolly mammoth cloning project might have just gotten a massive boost from a brand new find on an isolated Siberian island. Scientists discovered a frozen fully-grown female mammoth carcass with parts of it in immaculate condition. Not only that, but they found its blood, preserved and still liquid despite it being -10C. Read More >>

A Human Stem Cell Has Been Cloned For the First Time

Almost two decades ago, scientists succeeded in cloning Dolly the sheep. Now, the same process has been allowed scientists to clone embryonic stem cells from fetal human skin cells for the very first time. There are no more barriers between us and creating human clones. Read More >>

Is Cloning the Key to Perfect Christmas Trees?

When you think of cloning, you'll probably either think of dolly, or maybe some sort of sci-fi clone army. German scientists, on the other hand, their minds hop to Christmas trees, and the hope that cloning can bring us all perfect ones forever. Read More >>

Frozen Mammoth Meat Discovered in Siberia, Clones or Expensive Burgers a Possibility

Those living in hope of one day seeing a woolly mammoth roaming about in a zoo cage and being able to feed it a few chips are in luck, as the best source of mammoth DNA yet -- including what may be some "living" cells -- has been discovered. Read More >>

Scientists Bored of Modern Lagers, Cloning 170-Year-Old Shipwreck's Beer Stash

Finnish researchers are living up to their hard-drinking national image by working out how to revive a 170-year-old type of beer not yet tasted by modern man. Read More >>

The Woolly Mammoth Will Be Roaming the Earth Again Soon

Good news mammoth fans -- the Russians who found a frozen woolly mammoth carcass preserved in the Siberian permafrost have officially signed a deal with a Korean cloner. The once defamed Dr. Hwang Woo-suk, who was responsible for world’s first cloning of a dog, as well as faking several experiments, has been given the task. Read More >>

Mammoths May Be Roaming the World In Five Years

Scientists have been trying to clone woolly mammoths for years, but now they're really close. So close that in five years you may see herds of this gigantic beast—one of the favourite extinct prehistoric animals of all time. Read More >>

China Creates "Infinite Hero Bacon" by Cloning Invincible Earthquake Pig

Where does one secure the very best bacon? The supermarket? Shut up, rookie! You secure it from the heroic pig that survived for more than a month buried beneath the rubble of China's horrific Sichuan earthquake. Read More >>


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