Male Body Shapes Described as Parsnips and Leeks in Debenhams' New Style Guide Scale

Women, for better or worse, are used to being called "pear-shaped", with the fruit scale a regularly-used crutch for stylists looking to match flattering clothes to pervasive body types. But how will men take to being called a "parsnip" or a "beetroot" when on the hunt for a new pair of jeans? Debenhams is about to find out. Read More >>

solar power
3D-Printed, Flexible, Hyper-Sensitive Solar Panels Coming to a Manbag Near You

The future of micro-solar may have been created by technicians at the National Physical Laboratory in Teddington, who claim to have built a low-power solar solution that's as flexible as cloth and could lead to a future in which solar trousers generate enough power to trickle charge your iPad as long as you splay your legs wide enough in the general direction of the light. Read More >>

Nike's Flyknit Lunar2 Will Gently Tongue Your Toes for £135

Nike's revealed an update to its Flyknit technology, with the new lightweight Flyknit Lunar2 set to arrive in a couple of weeks. The updated 2013 Flyknit now has a Nike Lunarlon sole for really knowing about it when you stand on an ant. Read More >>

"Sexy" Transformers Costumes are Neither Big Nor Clever

There are certain words that just shouldn't go together; words that are so diametrically opposed that a chill can run down the spine on hearing them. In this case I present the phrase "Sexy Transformers Costume". Read More >>

A Tie with a Hidden Tokyo Subway Map is Nerdy and Brilliant

Nobody likes looking like a tourist, especially in their hometown—but with a public transportation system as complex as Tokyo's, sometimes a map is entirely necessary. Need a simple solution to avoid getting lost while looking like a native? Wear your map in a hidden place. Read More >>

This Clever Gravity-Powered Hook Holds Your Coat Like a Robot Butler

Coat hooks come in two varieties: dainty things that fling your jacket to the floor whenever someone walks by, and torture devices that take five minutes to snake through the loop in your collar. Leave it to the Swedes to come up with the perfect solution, an articulated pincher that's deployed by the weight of your garment, and releases when you pick it off the hook. Read More >>

Haptic Feedback and LED Coat Guides Clueless Fashion Idiots Around the Streets

A company going by the name of Wearable Experiments has come up with the concept of a modern coat able to point you in the direction of the nearest kebab shop, with its Navigate jacket lighting up and vibrating to subtly point the wearer in the right direction. Read More >>

Evernote Loses Plot With "Smart Covers for Your Feet," AKA £53 Business Socks

Evernote, which makes a very nice mobile phone app, has expanded its product range in a shock new direction, offering a selection of "Japanese Business Socks" for the discerning international playboy. With an asking price of around $85 (£53) for just five pairs. Which is mad on at least three separate levels. Read More >>

These Dresses Were Made Using Magnets

Other than lasers and Elon Musk, magnets might be the most superhuman objects we have on this dear Earth of ours. They can make things fly, they can make things stick, they can demolish laptops, they can make you squeal and scream and feel like a kid. Another thing magnets can do? Make clothes. The two dresses above were 'grown' using magnets. Read More >>

If All Storm Troopers Looked Like This I'd Join the Empire In a Heart Beat

Do you know what the Empire's lacking? Women. Why were the Storm Troopers all blokes? Maybe it's because no one made them any, errr, decent costumes? How about these supposedly sexy Star Wars getups? Read More >>

This Underwear Makes Man Butts Look Perfectly Tight

Like a Spanx for men, these Italian undies by D.HEDRAL uses "angle fit" technology to enhance your butt's roundness and make it appear perfectly taut and tight. Think of it like a Wonderbra but for men and for bums. Read More >>

Skinny Jeans Are Damaging Your Health

They might be a staple of the well-dressed geek's wardrobe, but skinny jeans aren't doing you any favours. In fact, they might be causing you real, physical damage. Read More >>

Mark Zuckerberg Should Have Worn This Executive Pinstripe Suit Hoodie to His Wedding

Almost as brilliant as their dress pant sweatpants, the guys at Betabrand have created a worthy follow up: the executive pinstripe hoodie that looks like a suit jacket. This is what Zuckerberg should've worn to his wedding. Read More >>

This Ice Bra Is Designed to Fight the Fukushima Nuclear Catastrophe

These are Super Cool Bras, underwear full of a special gel engineered to remain "soft and supple even when frozen." It's been designed to fight the Fukushima atomic catastrophe, which has made Japan to shut down all of its reactors. Read More >>

How Amazon Aims to Fill Your Wardrobe

Amazon has dabbled in selling clothes online for a while, with limited success. Now, it's pouring money into its fashion division—and it won't be happy until it's filled your wardrobe. Read More >>

3D Football Players Will Wear 3D Shirts With 3D Designs

They're not exactly haute couture, but Lyon's new 2012/13 football shirts are definitely haute—er, high concept. The clubs new threads—designed by Adidas—will be embellished with a 3D design in honour of Lyon's own Lumiere brothers, the pioneers of filmmaking in the 1890s. Read More >>


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