Gay Jeans Reveal Rainbow Threads With Every Wash And Wear

You may think you know a pair of kjeans when you buy 'em, but denim's true character isn't revealed until your trews are well-loved, worn-in, and sudsed up a few times. Rather than just fade out like most pairs on the market—booooring—American label Betabrand's new Gay Jeans (yup) have a technicolour surprise hiding underneath the regular indigo. Read More >>

Scratch-N-Sniff Jeans Always Smell Minty Fresh Even if You Don't

When you find that perfect fitting pair of jeans, you don't want to do anything to jeopardise their size and shape. And if you're among a growing demographic who refuses to wash their jeans as a result, you might want to consider Naked & Famous' Scratch-N-Sniff jeans that actually release a fresh minty smell when scratched. Read More >>

Which World Cup 2014 Nation Has the Best Football Kit?

Ball, ball, ball, footie, footie, footie. Yep, it's that time once again -- a summer dominated by "the beautiful game", if not beautiful weather. The FIFA World Cup 2014 will kick off on Thursday June 12th, and today we've been given the final line up of each of the 32 participating national football teams' kits. Read More >>

Under Armour's Clutchfit Shoes Conform to the Shape of Your Movement

Under Armour is about to release a new line of gear coated in a sheath of sturdy plastic, designed to provide support while also flexing with the shape of your movement. "Clutchfit" as the new tech is called, isn't aesthetics—it's science. Read More >>

Male Body Shapes Described as Parsnips and Leeks in Debenhams' New Style Guide Scale

Women, for better or worse, are used to being called "pear-shaped", with the fruit scale a regularly-used crutch for stylists looking to match flattering clothes to pervasive body types. But how will men take to being called a "parsnip" or a "beetroot" when on the hunt for a new pair of jeans? Debenhams is about to find out. Read More >>

These Sleek Hangers Swap Hooks for Magnets

These sleek hangers, designed by German-Latvian agency Flow Design, look like something's missing. Don't worry, though: they've simply swapped the hooks for magnets. Read More >>

Superhero Jacket May Save Your Life One Day

The Sporty Supaheroe—a jacket that integrates white and red LEDs within a special fabric to allow joggers and bikers to be seen in the dark—won a Red Dot Design Concept Award in 2013. Now they have an Indiegogo campaign so you can buy it, along with other cool gear. Read More >>

If You Want to be Immune to Tasers Just Wear Carbon Fibre Clothing

It's no Iron Man suit, but if you've got a knack for civil disobedience and often find yourself on the business end of a Taser, the folks at Hackaday discovered that carbon fibre clothing can actually let you shrug off those electric shocks. Read More >>

Nike Designer Says Marty McFly's Power Laces are Coming Next Year

If there was one disappointment about Nike's awesome Back to the Future II Air Mag, it's that the shoes didn't have Marty's power laces. But Nike designer Tinker Hatfield says that's about to change—power laces are coming in 2015. The future is here! Read More >>

Clever New Clothes to Protect You From Germs on the Tube

Winter's runny noses, summer's sweat, spring's sneezing allergies—it doesn't really matter the season. When you ride the bus or the tube, often the last thing you want to do is touch the seats or hang on. Could a new line of clothing help protect you from these germs? Read More >>

Subtle Snowy Camo Pattern Helps US Skiers Cheat Their Way Down Bumpy Moguls Runs

We've already seen (or haven't) the nearly invisible waterproof zippers that Columbia introduced on its sportswear designed for various Olympians competing at Sochi. But the uniforms designed specifically for the US moguls ski team have another hard-to-spot feature that could let them cheat give them a small advantage in competition. Read More >>

There are 1000x More Ways to Knot a Tie Than We Thought

You've got your Windsor, your half-Windsor, and... well, that's pretty much it, isn't it? Except, of course, for the 168,998 other ways that science has determined it's possible to knot a tie. That's a thousand times more than we previously thought. All it took to figure it out was a repeat viewing of The Matrix Reloaded. Read More >>

Under Armour Will Debut the World's Fastest Speedskating Suit In Sochi

As much as the Olympics are a test of humanity's physical capabilities, these days the events are also an opportunity for equipment makers to show off their latest technologies designed to enhance an athlete's performance. And it's fitting that Under Armour's new speedskating suit—which the company claims is the fastest in the world—is called the Mach 39, since it was developed with the help of Lockheed Martin. Read More >>

New Olympic Zipper Technology Makes Seams Nearly Invisible

You won't find it in stores just yet, but if you look closely at the jackets and other gear worn by US, Canadian, and Russian athletes at the upcoming 2014 Olympics, you might catch a glimpse of Columbia Sportswear's new waterproof zipper technology. Or you might not, since it's been engineered to be almost invisible when zipped shut. Read More >>

The Finest Swiss Watchmaking Techniques Went Into This—£51k Belt Buckle?

Most men don't pay enough attention to one of the most important parts of their wardrobe: their belt buckle. A plummeting pair of trousers can be far more than just embarrassing, so why trust a hole punched in a leather strap when Roland Iten has created a belt buckle that's been engineered to hold strong using Swiss watchmaking techniques? Read More >>

Sophisticated Star Wars Fans Dress in TIE Fighter Argyle

It's rare to come across a piece of Star Wars clothing that one would ever consider classy, so kudos to the folks at Ian Leino who created this argyle pattern t-shirt that's made up of perfectly arranged TIE fighters and their hexagonal panels. Read More >>


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