Amazon's Silk Browser Can Be Hacked to Provide Free Grid Computing

Cloud computing is big business. Companies and individual users rent bandwidth from large cloud services to perform all manner of tasks, from hosting small websites to churning through large, computing-intensive tasks like modelling new drug compounds. But what if you could gain access to all that computing power for free? Read More >>

Nobody Has Any Idea What the Cloud Is

A recent survey has unearthed an interesting/borderline depressing fact—one in three people think cloud computing has to do with literal clouds. That's right: many of us think we need an umbrella to access SkyDrive. Read More >>

Amazon Built the 42nd Fastest Computer in the World Without Even Trying

For the past several years, Amazon has been quietly building one of the fastest cloud networks in the history of computers. Except it doesn't exist in any room—it's spread across the entire world. Virtual computers are now supercomputers. Read More >>


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