Eyefi Cloud Syncs Photos From Your Camera to the Internet in a Flash

Basically every new camera that comes out these days has Wi-Fi on-board, but the technology hasn't progressed to the point that it's seamless. There's still a little friction when you're trying to get photos from your camera to another device—and that's still one step removed from the internet. Wi-Fi enabled SD card maker Eyefi is hoping to help fix that problem with Eyefi Cloud, available in the UK at some point soon. Read More >>

Wiretapping Condoleezza Rice Joins the Board at Dropbox

Dropbox has appointed ex-US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to its board, leading to some of the cloud storage firm's users threatening to boycott the service unless the appointment is reversed. Read More >>

MediaFire is Slashing its Cloud Storage Prices

MediaFire is going after Google Drive by offering some dirt cheap pricing for its recently overhauled cloud storage. If you sign up now, you can get 1TB for $2.50 (£1.40) per month—or $25 (£14.90) per year. Under the new plans, the regular £3 1TB price point is still half what Google Drive costs. Definitely hard to argue with that price tag. Read More >>

SkyDrive is Now OneDrive, Until Microsoft Gets Sued Again

Microsoft's SkyDrive is a terrific little cloud service that doesn't get as much attention as it deserves. Unless, of course, it's being sued by British Sky Broadcasting Group over its name. But now SkyDrive will be called OneDrive, for just as long as is legally allowable. Read More >>

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How to Get 50GB Free Storage Right Now on iOS

As it's done in the past with Android, Box is offering 50GB of free storage for new iPhone and iPad users following its latest iOS redesign. Read More >>

Watson Is Going To Be Open For Public Use on the Cloud

Watson was always going to be more than just a successful game show contestant. Now, the computer is about to take on anything and everything, as it opens itself up to the public on the cloud. Read More >>

PS4's Cloud Gaming Will Miss Launch Due to Flaky EU Broadband

Sony's plans for online streaming of older games appear to be in a bit of a mess right now, with the hardware maker saying the live-streaming features won't appear in the US at launch -- and the European roll-out is likely to take even longer as our broadband's so patchy. Read More >>

You Can Get 10TB of Free Cloud Storage If You Trust This Random Company

Cloud storage is great, especially when it comes with free space. Big guys like Google and Microsoft will give you a few GB to get started, but a Chinese tech company called Tencent is offering an insane 10TB. For free. All you have to do is trust them. Read More >>

The New SkyDrive Might Be the Best Cloud Storage Yet

SkyDrive in Windows 8.1 has a secret weapon no one's talked very much about. It's actually pretty amazing in that small sort of way that doesn't change much, but still manages to completely alter how you use something. In fact, it might just make SkyDrive the best cloud service around. Read More >>

Dropbox Just Changed Everything About How You Use Apps

Way back when, Steve Jobs told Dropbox that it was a feature, not a product. Which was enough at the time. Except now, Dropbox's reach stretches wide enough, and its influence is great enough, that it just levelled up. It's not just syncing your files and folders anymore. It's trying to sync literally everything on your phone, tablet, and computer. Game saves, settings, contacts, notes — all of it, and on any phone or tablet you have. Read More >>

Sky Beats Microsoft in Battle For SkyDrive Name

Microsoft's just lost a little legal skirmish with BSkyB in the UK, which may result in its SkyDrive cloud storage thing being given a new name. Because Sky's sort of bagsied the whole "Sky" trademark thing already. Read More >>

New Dropbox for Mac Beta Incorporates iPhoto, Screenshot Sharing

Today Dropbox released a new beta version of its desktop app for both Mac and Windows with a couple of small but really useful features for their many cloud-oriented users. Read More >>

The Pentagon's Putting Its Big Brother Data Collection in the Cloud

News emerged this week that the U.S. Army, which has been collecting biometric data of locals in places like Iraq and Afghanistan, is going to start storing that data in the cloud. Put simply, biometrics is the collection of personal, physical data using devices like retina scanners, and no matter what way you spin the situation, it's a potentially pretty creepy practice. (Do you want the government to take pictures of the inside of your eyeball?) But in a warzone, it seems downright dangerous. Doubly so in the cloud. Read More >>

Google Books Has Just Become a Book-Pirate's Dream

Part of the Google I/O onslaught yesterday was an update to Google Play Books for both Android and iOS. In and of itself it's not exactly ground-breaking, but Google'll now let you read books uploaded to your Google Drive (through Google Books), which means cloud-syncing for your own, erm, acquired books. Read More >>

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A Look Behind the Scenes of the Internet Archive's Impossible Task

Last autumn, the Internet Archive celebrated a massive milestone, as the "online Library of Alexandria" reached 10 Petabytes of stored information. Yes, that means 10,000,000,000,000,000 bytes accessible to anyone. Wow. Read More >>

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iCloud Threw All Its Toys Out of the Pram Today

Apple's iCloud portfolio of various streaming and syncing services has existed for two years. And in those two years, Apple still hasn't been able to keep it from regularly fucking up. It happened again today! Read More >>


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