Clowns Reappear in Norfolk and This Time They're Angry

Dressing up as a clown. It was funny for a bit, now it isn't any more but people are still doing it. If you want to see people hanging around in full clown costume like it's September of 2013 again, head off to King's Lynn, as there's been another small outbreak of fancy dress disease. Read More >>

Northampton Clown-Catcher Vigilante Promises to End Internet Clown Mystery

You may have seen the Northampton Clown terrorising the internet in the past few days... now another clown has jumped on the bandwagon, with a superhero threatening to hunt him down and squirt water in his face from a pretend flower. Read More >>

Steve Jobs' Stolen iPad Taken by Party Clown

Reread every noun in the headline above—now let's proceed. After a desperate burglar nabbed $60k worth of gear from Steve Jobs' former residence, one of his iPads wound up in the mitted hands of Kenny the Clown. Clown. Read More >>


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