You Can Download Your Next Desk From This Open-Source Ikea

Ikea's not the only place you can get a build-your-own-furniture puzzle. If you're into the whole open source thing, there's a new repository of completely free furniture designs that are ripe for the downloadin'. The only hurdle? You have to actually make the pieces before you can put 'em together. Read More >>

6,500 Silk Worms Spin One Heck Of a Cloud

Honestly, it seems like silk pajamas are on a downswing in popularity. Which is a damn shame. But the Mediated Matter Research Group (part of the MIT Media Lab) recently put thousands of silkworms to work on an architectural project that combines the worms' natural talent with computer modeling. Read More >>

Fabsie Is Like an Ikea You Can Customise and 3D-Cut Yourself

Ikea's great and all, but it's expensive, and it's just flat-packed stuff at the end of the day. You also have to fit to Ikea's set dimensions, and configurations, but what if you could make things as big or as small as you liked? Customise your flat-packed furniture, get it made and shipped directly to you. That's the premise behind Fabsie, the CNC-powered 3D-cutting furniture site, where you'll be able to order almost anything you like. Read More >>

monster machines
This Gigantor CNC Machine is Longer Than an American Football Field

The days of the assembly line as Henry Ford envisioned it are fading, as manual labour is replaced by mechanical. In fact, tomorrow's factory floors could be covered with gigantic 5-axis CNC machines like this one. Read More >>

Dominate the Waves Aboard This Gorgeous Wooden Honeycomb

Today's conventional polyurethane foam surfboards are lightweight, strong, and maneuverable. But that comes at the cost of a more jarring ride in rough seas—not to mention PU isn't exactly an environmentally-friendly material. So New Zealander Mike Grobelny is taking carving back to its roots with a CNC-milled, hollow wood board. Read More >>

Who Needs IKEA? Just Print Your Own Entire House

Taking just four weeks, a computer, a CNC printer and a whole lot of plywood, Danish architects from architecture firm Eentileen, Frederik Agdrup and Nicholas Bjorndal, built this awesome house with their bare hands, a lot of imagination and some impressive design skills. Read More >>


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