Drug Traffickers Post 140kg of Cocaine to Aldi Branch in Banana Shipment Error

Staff working in a Berlin branch of Aldi had a bit of a shock upon opening a crate of bananas, and this time it wasn't a comically enormous meat-eating spider. It was 140kg of cocaine that somehow went to the wrong place. Read More >>

Kick Your Pesky Cocaine Habit By Blasting Your Brain with Lasers

Have you ever had one of those days where you thought to yourself "Boy, I sure wish I didn't have this sexy yet expensive cocaine addiction"? Fortunately for you, there could be a new solution on the horizon, and all you have to do is fry your brain with lasers. Equally sexy. Read More >>

Can You Tell the Difference Between Haribo and Cocaine?

The world's worst drug dealer was up in court today over his actions at Halloween, which saw him give a couple of unfortunate children cocaine rather than the more traditional sweets. But, it's all fine, because it was an "honest mistake" 'guv, and he just mistook the coke for Haribo. Easily done, no doubt. Read More >>

Oldham Kids Given Cocaine as Extra-Special Halloween Treat

Children out on their trick or treat runs around Oldham this Halloween had a pretty mean trick played on them, with some nutcase treating them to a bag of cocaine instead of your more traditional confectionery items. Read More >>

What Is Cocaine Psychosis?

By now you've likely heard the horrifying tale of the naked Florida man who was shot by police while eating another man's face. What possessed Rudy Eugene to consume 75-percent of a homeless man's face? Drugs, obviously. It's not totally clear which drugs Eugene was on, but police have speculated that the attack was prompted by cocaine psychosis. That sounds like a serious condition. But what exactly is it? Read More >>

Woman Found Cocaine Hidden Inside Her Tampon

In a pleasant surprise (or scary discovery, depending on your perspective), Cindy Davidson found something weird about the tampons she recently bought: they were laced with cocaine. Specifically, a bunch of cocaine was put in the tampon's applicator so it could be smuggled around. Read More >>

How Did 30 Pounds of Drugs Get Delivered to the United Nations?

Thirty pounds of cocaine was mysteriously delivered to the United Nations mailroom according to a report. There are no further details available about the incident, but it makes wonder how all of that blow got that far undetected. Read More >>

Model Tries to Smuggle Cocaine Inside Fake Breasts and Butt Implants

Rome's airport police have caught a busty model trying to smuggle 2.5 kilograms of cocaine inside her fake breast and buttocks' implants. Read More >>

Cocaine Levels Found In the Air Can be Traced and Connected to Crime

Scientists can now accurately detect drugs floating in the air. They also have found statistical relationships between atmospheric cocaine levels and certain types of cancers, as well as a connection between marijuana levels and mental disorders. Read More >>

Is Digital Money the New Way to Buy Drugs?

I'm not gonna name names, but someone just mentioned paying for weed with a Square account. It'd be equally easy to use Paypal, Venmo, Bitcoin (RIP) or any of the myriad mobile payment systems that allow you to send money from your phone. Read More >>

Grow Your Own Weed, But Not on an iPhone (There's No App for That)

Five of the 20 best-selling casual game apps in Android's Marketplace involve illegal drugs. Virtual illegal drugs, of course! Guess how many are available for the iPhone? Yep, zero. Read More >>


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