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Amazing St. Patrick's Day Cocktails: Don't Stoop to Green Beer

Listen, friends don't let friends drink green beer. We're talking about cheap beer, plus green. It is more than possible to make a drink that pays homage to The Emerald Isle without compromising your dignity in the process. Here are a few great ones. Read More >>

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Can a Big Brand Vodka be Cool Enough for Craft Cocktails?

Once upon a time, way back in the 1990s, vodka was pretty much the coolest thing you could order. It was the It drink at clubs and bars, and its magical (dearth of) flavour swept the nation. But, in the last decade, the craft movement has exploded. "Small batch," "hand-made," and "craft" are the new buzzwords for everything from beer to whiskey and gin to cocktails. Read More >>

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Which Glass to Use for Which Drink and Why

You're going to have some friends over for a cocktail housewarming party. No problem, you think to yourself, I'll just pick up some glassware on my way home. You get to the shop, and panic sets in. It's an absurd, transparent cornucopia of tumblers and flutes and who knows what else, in every conceivable shape and size. You weren't prepared. Pay attention now, and you will be. Read More >>

The Greenhound: Our Favourite New Summer Drink

We are officially in the dog days of summer. In London, the weather forecast for the next couple of weeks gets up to 29 degrees C. You need something refreshing. The Greenhound is that something. Read More >>

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How to Make Instant Barrel-Aged Cocktails

If you've been spending too much time in bars lately—and we certainly hope you have been—you've likely noticed the rise of barrel-aged cocktails. The technique takes some of your favourite mixed drinks, mellows them out, and adds some layers of complexity. There is, however, a barrier to entry for most at-home barkeeps: Patience. Unless you know this shortcut. Read More >>

The Brunch Cocktail That Puts Bloody Marys to Shame

It's springtime, at last. People are smiling, showing a little more skin, and your favourite brunch spot has opened its outdoor seating area. But don't reflexively reach for that Bloody Mary. It's a new year. It deserves a new cocktail. Read More >>

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5 Delicious Green Cocktails to Do Saint Patrick's Day Right

Do you know what's great about green beer? Absolutely nothing, you filthy animal, that was a trick question. To help you rise above those green-toothed suckers swilling down their flavourless lagers, we tapped a few of the country's top bartenders and got recipes for some truly delectable cocktails that just happen to be green. Get ready to blow some minds. Read More >>

Watch This Bartending Robot Pee Ingredients Into the Perfect Cocktail

It's one thing to have a robot make drinks for you. It's another to have a robot make drinks for you in style. "Shake" does the latter, though maybe it's style isn't quite up your alley. But however you feel about its trio of peeing statues, you have to admit the automatic shaker and coiled cooling system is pretty sweet. Read More >>

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The Scientific Formula for Perfect Eggnog

Have you ever felt like making boozy eggnog is a total crapshoot? Half the time you get a smooth and delicious cocktail, and half the time it's a lumpy, curdled mess. What gives? Read More >>

Scientists Revolutionise Pina Colada Production With Coconut-Flavoured Pineapples

Australia's Department of Agriculture has announced that its researchers have made a breakthrough that will send shockwaves across beach resorts and tiki-themed restaurants around the world. Through careful breeding they've managed to produce a sweet pineapple that also tastes like coconut, reducing future Pina Colada recipes to just two ingredients. Read More >>

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How To Flavour Your Drinks with Fire

Drunk Prometheus. He stole fire from the gods, mixed it into a mojito, and drank it. We mortals can achieve the same effects without incurring any heavenly wrath. Today we're going to show you a simple method to add a little savory char to your drink. Read More >>

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Modular Cocktails Would Make Drink-Mixing Child's Play

Now there's nothing really wrong with the practice of making cocktails as it stands right now. Buying bottles of ingredients and mixing them together is pretty straightforward. This modular cocktail system would be awesome for the lazy, and the drunk, and lazy drunks. Read More >>

Make Kick-Ass Emergency Cocktails Out Of Whatever's In Your Pantry

Even if you’re stuck at home, dipping into the emergency whiskey, you can usually still make something tasty. In fact, you probably have what you need on hand already — because nearly every great cocktail just comes down to four basic ingredients. Read More >>

World's Most Expensive Cocktail Served at London Playboy Club

Mixologist and cocktail connoisseur, Salvatore Calabrese, has just created the world's most expensive tipple, clocking in at colossal £5,500 per glass. That's the equivalent of 1571 average-priced pints down your local boozer! Anyway, the drink, which includes ingredients that date back to before the French Revolution, was served at the London Playboy Club just this week. Read More >>

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How To Smoke a Cocktail

Wood smoke evokes all kinds of wonderful things. A campfire as a kid. A pit full of coals at a great barbecue joint. The aroma is intoxicating on its own, but bottled up—and stirred into a drink—it's indescribable. Expert barman Sother Teague showed us how a smoke infusion can give a cocktail a delicious twist. Read More >>

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Absinthe Lollies: The Frozen Treat That Will Melt Your Face

This hot British June is the perfect time to sip cold cocktails and eat frozen treats. Why not double your pleasure and combine the two into a single, efficient indulgence? Read More >>


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