Dying Grandmother's Mystery Code Cracked by the Internet After 20 Years

As harperpitt noted, this is almost certainly the Lord's Prayer: Read More >>

Bletchley Park Veterans Needed to Solve 70-Year-Old Dead Pigeon Mystery

A dead pigeon pulled out of a man's chimney was found to have a little red capsule attached to its leg, which contained an encoded message from the D-Day landings. Problem is, today's decrypting experts can't crack it. Can your granddad help? Read More >>

Stunning Promo Code Failure Gifts EA Games to Everyone

Gaming giant Electronic Arts handed out a discount promotional code as thanks for completing a survey. Which was very nice of it, but the code could be used more than once, and you didn't even have to complete the survey to use it. A literal gaming gold rush took place once the code hit the web. Read More >>

Secret Code of Eye-Surgery Cult Gets Cracked

The secret rituals of an 18-Century German occultists have been revealed. The New York Times reports that an exceptional language nerd cracked their code. It sounds like something straight out of Hellboy, except with fewer fights and more computers. Read More >>


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