The Campbell's Soup K-Cup Is Everything Right and Wrong With Keurigs

Not content with only enraging coffee connoisseurs, Keurig will soon be expanding its K-cup empire with a new line of instant soups that are sure to have foodies shaking their heads in disgust too. First to the market will be an instant version of Campbell's chicken and noodle soup, using a combination of a K-cup for the broth, and a separate packet for the dried noodles and veggies.
Presumably inspired by images of people making Cup Noodles with a Keurig machine, or our own guide to making cocktails with one, the soups will officially be referred to as 'snacks' given they won't be packing much in the way of nutrition. But given how Keurig machines work, the soups at least won't have a hint of residual coffee or tea flavour. And in today's busy world, who has 60 seconds to wait around for a microwave to heat their soup anyways? [Associated Press via Time] Read More >>

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Make Coffee Without a Coffee Maker Using Crap Around Your House

With most people content to just pop in a cartridge, push a button, and accept the caffeinated lighter fluid that comes forth with open mouths, it's easy to forget that coffee-making can be an art. Which is partially why Tonx's fun and monstrously informative infographic on cofeee-makerless coffee-making is such a delight. Read More >>

Is This Nasa's Next Lunar Lander, Or a Gorgeous Expresso Machine?

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