A Pair of Old G4 Towers Find a New Life as a Lovely Coffee Table

At one time in their lives these G4 towers were Apple's flagship workstations—possibly cutting hundreds of hours of footage, or editing thousands of photos. But today they're barely useful as paperweights, and probably best suited as a pair of stylish supports for this Crunching Numbers coffee table. Read More >>

Floating Balloon Coffee Table Is a Whimsical Way To Get Sued By Disney

Don't get us wrong. We're completely enamoured with Duffy London's new glass-topped coffee table that looks like it's being supported by a cluster of helium balloons. We're just not sure calling it the UP was the best idea. That mouse can be very litigious! Read More >>

The Mixtape Will Live Forever Through This Retro-riffic Coffee Table

Even though the cassette tape is long gone from music store shelves, there's still enough nostalgia for the old medium that it may never die. From mixtape websites that let you share a handful of songs, to this utterly fantastic giant wooden cassette coffee table. Read More >>

Double-Ended Shark Coffee Table Oozes Great White Class

Not only is this the perfect living room accessory for putting your feet up while watching Shark Week, but both of those tooth-filled gaping jaws on this shark-themed coffee table look like they'd serve as perfect bottle openers. Read More >>

The Rest of Your Furniture Only Wishes It Could Be as Awesome as This VHS Coffee Table

VHS might not be able to compete with digital media in terms of picture quality or audio fidelity but it had that feel, that soul, that only analog can provide. This coffee table captures the same sense of warm fuzz as analog technology, only in hand-crafted teak. Read More >>

REK: A Shape-Shifting Coffee Table That Expands When Friends Come Over

Tiny apartments are miserable for a lot of reasons, but the most frustrating is when you can't make the most of your space without a clutter of furniture everywhere. Consider my coffee table problem: It doesn't take up too much space, but if there's more than one person hanging out, it's too small. The REK coffee table by Dutch designer Reiner de Jong would change everything. Read More >>

If You Crash a Ferrari, You Can Always Turn it Into a Crashed Ferrari Coffee Table

Cut a hole in a box. Put your crashed Ferrari in that box. Make her put that box... in the living room. And that's the way you do it. Unbelievably, that's really how you create a Crashed Ferrari Coffee Table. Read More >>


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