How Yesterday's Drugs Became the Medicines of Today

My sister is a witch. Or, more precisely, a Wiccan astrologer and tarot reader. Growing up as a kid who worshipped Carl Sagan and Stephen Hawking, I found it hard to square her worldview with my own. Read More >>

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How Much Coffee is Too Much?

Whether it's served in a demitasse mug or a venti mochachino bucket, coffee is an essential, eye-opening morning ritual for many of us. But at what point does throwing back another vente do you more harm than good? Read More >>

Add Camel Milk to Your Coffee for a Healthier, Mildly-Unsettling Drink

A coffee chain has come up with a novel way of raising money to help charities in Africa, with select branches of Taylor St Baristas now offering the option of camel milk in your coffee or tea in return for a £1 donation. Try it, it's good for you, they say. Just don't think about camels and their loose, slobbery, hairy mouths while drinking it. Read More >>

How to Make the World’s Most Expensive Cup of Coffee

Between the dark brew, the flavoured lattes, the frozen caffeinated treats, and the whirling gadgets, coffee is now a thirty billion dollar industry. Coffee is big business and companies like Starbucks, Pret A Manger and Costa have spent gobs of money to get people to drink more of it. Despite all of that, the most expensive coffee probably can't be found in your downtown coffee shop. No, the most expensive coffee in the world lives alongside feces in the intestinal gut of an Asian palm civet. Read More >>

The World's Biggest Coffee Drinkers, Visualised

If you think you drink a lot of coffee, think again. While over in the US they might pride themselves as being a nation fuelled by the stuff, it turns out that other countries beat it hands down. Read More >>

This Architect-Designed Kettle Keeps Coffee Piping Hot and Looking Cool

There's a reason ancient tea-drinking cultures made ornate cast-iron kettles: They're beautiful and functional, keeping brewed beverages at the right temperature for hours of soothing warmth. Copenhagen-based Norm Architects put this historic inspiration into the Thermo Kettle Jug to make a carafe that's both pretty and pragmatic. Read More >>

Two Espressos Enhance Your Long-Term Memory

Many of us would he hard-pressed to function without our morning coffee, but now there's compelling evidence that it could help enhance your long-term memory. Read More >>

Drinking Up to Four Cups of Coffee Won't Dehydrate You At All

>The received wisdom is that coffee dehydrates you. Fact. Period. No arguments. But a new study shows that, actually, in moderation, coffee is no less hydrating than water. Read More >>

This Goldilocks Mug Would Keep Your Coffee Just the Right Temperature

Coffee is a fickle mistress. Take a sip too soon and you risk searing your tongue, wait too long and it becomes undrinkably tepid. But with this ingenious phase change mug prototype, your coffee will cool to a perfectly drinkable 60 degrees and stay there for hours. Read More >>

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"I'm Spartacus" Prank Somehow Works at Notorious Name-Muddlers Starbucks

It must have taken nerves of steel to pull off this prank -- not because it required half a dozen people to disturb the conveyor-belt-workings of the world's biggest coffee shop chain, but because it relies upon Starbucks' notoriously name-illiterate staff to get a bloody spelling right. Read More >>

What Finally Makes Train Travel Bearable Might Be… Starbucks?

Trains are awesome. Their serpentine strings of steel carriages travel hundreds of miles an hour, yet give passengers enough stability to sip a tasty beverage. On the other hand, trains are awful. Have you ever seen the sickly coffee served onboard? Read More >>

The Scientifically Best Time to Drink Coffee

Ever wonder what the best time is to drink your coffee? You probably know it is not a good idea to drink part of your daily dose of caffeine in the afternoon. Especially for those who have problems sleeping. But, do you ever drink your coffee and feel like it just didn’t work? Read More >>

Our Favourite Coffee Gear

Good coffee tastes amazing, can be a great comfort, and is fun and easy to make well with the right tools. Coffee is also potentially good for you, having been shown to make you smarter, help you lose weight, keep you alive longer and kickstart your exercise routine. Today we're going to knock down coffee's barrier to entry by telling you exactly which gear you need to get your hands on for a great brew. Read More >>

The Cup, Not the Beans, Is the Most Expensive Part of Your Takeaway Coffee

Stats covering the takeaway coffee market show that the most expensive component of your morning pick-me-up isn't the coffee beans that are flown all the way in from the other side of the world, but the paper cup your drink's served in. Read More >>

Now the Wall Street Journal's Opening a Coffee Shop For Tech Chats, Too

Following on the quinoa-powered heels of The Guardian, the Wall Street Journal is opening up (coffee) shop in the "Silicon Roundabout" for two days next week, where a series of tech-centric talks and events will be held over skinny flat whites, MacBooks, and Moleskines. Read More >>

The Campbell's Soup K-Cup Is Everything Right and Wrong With Keurigs

Not content with only enraging coffee connoisseurs, Keurig will soon be expanding its K-cup empire with a new line of instant soups that are sure to have foodies shaking their heads in disgust too. First to the market will be an instant version of Campbell's chicken and noodle soup, using a combination of a K-cup for the broth, and a separate packet for the dried noodles and veggies.
Presumably inspired by images of people making Cup Noodles with a Keurig machine, or our own guide to making cocktails with one, the soups will officially be referred to as 'snacks' given they won't be packing much in the way of nutrition. But given how Keurig machines work, the soups at least won't have a hint of residual coffee or tea flavour. And in today's busy world, who has 60 seconds to wait around for a microwave to heat their soup anyways? [Associated Press via Time] Read More >>


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