More Secure 12-Sided £1 Coin Shown Off to Distract Us From Budget Day

Ahead of today's budget, Chancellor George Osborne dipped into his pocket and displayed a new 12-sided £1 coin, the coin's first redesign in 30 years. The reasoning behind this costly move? It's less-easy prey for counterfeiters, supposedly. Read More >>

Rare Kew Gardens 50p Coin Could be Worth £24

The 2009 edition 50p coin, with a pretty sketch of the Royal Botanic Gardens' pagoda on it, has become something of a rarity among collectors, with the 50p now netting around £24 when traded between hardcore money enthusiasts. Read More >>

Commonwealth Games and World War I Join UK's Coin Collection

The Royal Mint has shown off the new range of coins that'll be jingling about in our pockets with the rest of them in 2014, with the star being a new two pound coin featuring WWI recruitment figurehead Lord Kitchener. Yes, another man on our money, but we understand there's still a woman on the back of them all. Read More >>

Watch an American Nickel Transformed Into a Tiny, Intricate Sculpture

Imagine an alternate world where are coins are graced not by unsmiling presidents but Frankenstein's Monster, ET, skulls, pirates—hell, even a bum. That's the funny, fanciful world of Italian artist Paolo Curcio. Read More >>

A Crazy Quarter Criminal Stole $210,000 From Parking Meters

An American parking meter mechanic ran his lucrative criminal conspiracy one quarter at a time. Over eight years, he managed to steal $210,000 (£133,900), or five tonnes of quarters from modified meters. That's a lot of pocket change. Read More >>

Say Goodbye To Allen Keys: Furniture That Assembles With Coins

If you're a college student or a young professional in your first apartment, you're probably well versed in assembling Ikea furniture. But soon after, those vital allen keys always seem to go missing, and when it's time to move your bedroom set, it's off to the hardware store to try and find a replacement. So thank goodness the folks at Nendo came up with a better solution: furniture that assembles using nothing more than the loose change in your pocket. Read More >>

I Can't Stop Watching This Coin Rolling on a Treadmill

A man named Parker Reed has uploaded an hour-long video of a coin rolling on a treadmill. You're skeptical. It's okay. I was too. But then I started watching, and I haven't yet been able to stop. You won't be either. Read More >>

Anyone Spotted One of these Awesome New London Tube £2 Coins?

Check your change folks. Apparently the Royal Mint's been firing out some fancy new commemorative £2 coins via London Tube stations, celebrating 150 years of the London Underground. The first load has been given to select tube stations for doling out in change, before a wide release later this year. Read More >>

30-Year Quest Ends In £10 Million Gold and Silver Coin Treasure

Thirty years ago, a farmer found a few Iron Age silver coins while working on his land in Jersey. Now, after combing the soil with metal detectors for three decades, two treasure hunters have found a hoard of silver and gold coins, the biggest of its kind, valued at £10 million. Read More >>

Apparently, You're Not Allowed to Pay 20p or More in Coppers Alone

I'm not sure if everyone is aware of the Coinage Act 1971, but due to a recent case of a disgruntled man getting into a spot of trouble for paying an £800 quid debt in coppers, I think we should all take note. Read More >>

Glow-in-the-Dark Dinosaur Quarter Is Actual Legal Tender

Totally making up for the utterly annoying one and two dollar coins, the Royal Canadian Mint has created a series of limited edition glow-in-the-dark quarters featuring the likenesses of dinosaurs discovered in the country's western provinces. Read More >>

Royal Mint Marks 100th Anniversary of Titantic's Doomed Voyage With a £83 Five Quid Coin

I’m still not quite sure why everyone’s so overly jubilant about the anniversary of a disaster, but it seems the world has gone Titanic crazy, including the Royal Mint. It’s pumped out a fancy looking commemorative £5 coin to mark the occasion, which you can buy for a whole £82.50, plus shipping of course. Read More >>

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Death to Pennies or Why the Penny Isn't Worth Your Time or Money

Sure, the penny CGP Grey is talking about might be the American one cent coin, but the same goes for our pretty much useless 1p coin. When was the last time you saw a vending machine take less than a 5p coin? And all those crummy £0.99 sales tactics -- that's £1 whichever way you carve it up -- who cares about that 1p you're potentially saving? Read More >>

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Watch a Guy Magically Balance 3000 Coins on Top of a Single Coin

I don't know how this guy managed to build a 3,118 coin coin tower on top of a single coin on the corner of a table but boy did he do it. It took him seven hours, over $200 (£125) in change plus some presumably insane weed smoking to pull it off. Read More >>


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