How the Granddaddy of US Recon Planes is Helping Search for Flight 370

The mysterious disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 off the coast of Vietnam has prompted a massive multinational maritime search for hints of the plane's fate. Among the growing armada of surface and aerial search vessels is the US Navy's venerable P-3C Orion, a long-range surveillance platform still just as effective today as it was in the early Cold War. Read More >>

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​This Wacky Sci-Fi Plane-Copter Hybrid Was Totally Almost a Thing

By the end of WWII, the basics of helicopter technology as we know it had generally been worked out and we'd begun to reach the aircraft's physical limitations. For the US Air Force, the solution to this issue running up against these performance walls was simple: blorb the best parts of a helicopter and jet together into the chimeric delta-wing Convertiplane. Read More >>

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The Super-Secret "Research" Sub That Helped Win the Cold War

Quests for scientific knowledge and military superiority often go hand-in-hand. And nowhere is that more exemplified than in the US' nuclear-powered NR-1 research vessel. When it wasn't busy exploring the wonders of the deep ocean, its crew engaged the Soviet Union in a dangerous cat-and-mouse game of sub-sea espionage—much of which is veiled in secrecy even today. Read More >>

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This "Caspian Sea Monster" Was a Giant Soviet Spruce Goose

Soviet engineering is often derided as effective but crude and simplistic, but that's a bum rap. The USSR produced a number of technologies that were as visually arresting as they were effective. Just look at the sleek, humongous, flying hammerhead named Ekranoplan. Read More >>

10 Cold War Weapons That Terrified US Military Intelligence

When US-Soviet relationships were at their frostiest in the 1980s, there was no telling what sort of exotic threat was about to come roaring through Russia's Iron Curtain. That's where the Defense Intelligence Agency came in. Read More >>

The U.S. Once Tried to Wrap a Ring of Copper Wire Around the Earth

The Cold War was a crazy time. With the space race happening on one front and an arms race happening on another, the United States was constantly looking for ways to gain an advantage over the Soviets and were limited only by our creativity. Boy did they get creative. Read More >>

America Planned to Detonate a Nuke on the Moon to Terrorise the Russians

An interview with a former US Air Force physicist has come up with the astonishing claim that America planned to set off a nuclear bomb on the Moon as the ultimate display of technical and military might. Read More >>

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The Soviet Vityaz Was the Big Dog of the Cold War

Take the all-terrain capabilities of the US Army's new packbot, add the uncanny reliability of a Kalishnakov and some tank treads—Boom! You've got yourself an unstoppable killing machine cargo transporter. Read More >>

Educational Toys Of Yesteryear Taught Important Atomic Bomb Dropping Skills

Educational toys are a clever way to teach your kids while they think they're just having fun. Like this old-school airplane toy which was secretly training America's kids on how to be successful bombardiers for a possible nuclear war. Read More >>

Never-Before-Seen Satellite Spy Shots from the Depths of the Cold War

Depths might not be the right expression, actually, as all of these photographs were taken from space, decades and decades ago. Russian rockets, aircraft carriers, secret military compounds—one legendary spy satellite saw it all from orbit. Read More >>

This Massive Cold War Spy Satellite Was Hidden from the World Until Now

The HEXAGON satellite spied on America's Cold War foes for over a decade, taking extremely detailed (film!) photographs from space. It was 60 feet long—bigger than a bus. And the public never, ever saw it. We did. Read More >>


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