These Modular Cabinets are the Coolest Way to Display Precious Things

There's a case to be made—recently by designer Martino Gamper (and me)—that shelving is the most personal piece of furniture you own; a functional place to store your stuff that also puts it on display. The Room collection, by Kyuhyung Cho and Erik Olovsson, might be the most fun modular system I've ever seen. Read More >>

Will These Genius Condom Ideas be the Next 'Big' Thing?

Bill Gates: computer genius, incredible philanthropist...condom afficionado? Indeed, the man who brought you MS-DOS is now looking to create a revolution in an entirely new industry -- and one in dire need of innovation. Read More >>

All the Crappy Kickstarters You Shouldn't Fund in 2014

Kickstarter is great, sometimes -- it's the bringer of life to unique products like the Pebble or Oculus Rift. A side-effect, though, is an unfiltered look into what some people deem to be good ideas. Read More >>

The World's Largest Toy Car Collection Has Over 30,000 Tiny Vehicles

The fact that Hot Wheels and Matchbox toys are so cheap means that countless kids have giant collections of tiny cars. But the world's largest? With over 30,000 scale vehicles in his collection, Beirut's Billy Karam has a legitimate claim to that title, and Cool Hunting had a chance to tour his showroom. Read More >>

The 10 Best Free Photoshop Alternatives

There are lots of perfectly good alternatives to Photoshop out there, and you know what? Their makers love us, because they're offering them for free. I love them too. Read More >>

What's the Best Logo of All Time?

People tend not to like big changes, either in celebrity hairstyles or branding, which explains why so many major logo unveilings of the past few years have ended in disaster. But rather than harp on Yahoo's spicy meatball of a new logo, let's dig into the neglected category of the well-designed ones. Read More >>

A Brief Tour of Canon's Massive Showroom of Wonders

Canon USA's brand-new Long Island, New York headquarters doesn't just house boardrooms, cubicles, and water coolers. It's also where the venerable camera company maintains its giant showroom, in which every current Canon product—plus a plethora of other imaging technology tidbits—is on prominent display. We took a trip out there last week; here's a taste of what we found. Read More >>

Highlights from the World's Largest Drone Fair

Defence industry specialists circled up in Washington this week for the three-day-long trade fair of the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International. In other words, a bunch of guys with a lot of money just got together for a giant drone show. It's actually the world's largest. And here are its wares. Read More >>

9 Unexpectedly Cool Leap Motion Apps Show Natural Interfaces in Action

It's been two weeks since Leap Motion appeared in the wild, and while it's far from being a perfect piece of hardware, the possibilities are pretty damn interesting. So far, most of the attention-getting apps have dealt with music. But there are plenty of other cool developments happening with the device, too. Read More >>

An Ode To the Unsung Art of Anime Backgrounds

Backdrops are called backdrops for a reason—they're designed to fade against the focus of a particular scene. But as a new single-serving Tumblr called Anime Backgrounds proves, sometimes the best art is to be found behind the characters. Read More >>

Mr Average UK Has Spent £345 on iTunes (Before Child IAP Tax)

The average UK user of iTunes has spent £345 buying/leasing a digital music and media collection through Apple's servers, according to a survey that tracked people's iOS spending habits. Read More >>

the dreamers
Who Created Our Favourite Sweets, and Why?

There's something a little bit magical about sweet-makers. If Roald Dahl is to be believed, they're eccentric gents in purple suits and top-hats, or quirky inventors with flying cars and a litter of adorable singing children. Sadly, the truth isn't quite as magical as the West End musicals, but the story of how our favourite tooth-rot came to be is still fascinating. Read More >>

the dreamers
Good Inventions That Took an Evil Frankensteinian Turn

Inventors are the lifeblood of technological progress -- without them, we'd still be stuck gorging on raw meat, jerking off to cave-painting porn. But sometimes, an innocent invention can be taken for nefarious means, and take our whole species backwards. Read More >>

The 10 Must-Have Apps For Your Newly Jailbroken iPhone or iPad

Yesterday afternoon's release of the iOS 6.x hack saw record numbers of jailbreak downloads. But there's totally zero point in freeing your device from Apple's shackles if you don't know what to do with your new-found freedom. This list is a good starting point. Read More >>

12 Classic Cameras That Look Nothing Like Cameras

The advent of digital photography has transformed how we view the world around us. The breadth and scope of our image capture devices has exploded. But not even the most ingenious action cam can compare to the sheer audacity of these awesome rigs collected by our friends at Ooobject. Read More >>

These Incredible Luxury Cinemas Are the Ultimate Way to Watch Films

Recently, I've been conducting a bit of an experiment: rather than going to see lots of films in grimy mulitplexes, I've been shunning the mainstream and going to fewer blockbuster releases, but all of them in awesome, luxury cinemas. "Oh, you dirty hipster" I hear you cry -- but while I might be perilously close to skinny-jeans-and-gratuitous-glasses territory, I can promise you that ditching the mulitplex is totally worth it. Here's why. Read More >>


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