Skydivers in Two Planes Escaped After a Collision by...Skydiving

Two planes carrying skydivers had a midair collision last night over northwest Wisconsin near Lake Superior. But everyone survived because they were planning to skydive out anyway. Additionally, one pilot was able to eject and the other landed his plane safely, even though it was severely damaged. Read More >>

The International Space Station Will Execute an Evasive Maneuver Tonight

The International Space Station is executing an evasive maneuver in a few hours, following the protocol when there's more than a one in 10,000 chance of a space collision. Read More >>

Earth's Sky Will Look Mindblowingly Crazy 3.75 Billion Years From Now

Check out this video made with images created by NASA. It shows Earth's night sky during the next four billion years, with the Milky Way on a head-on collision with Andromeda. The destruction of our galaxy as we know it will be so beautiful. Read More >>


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