Drive to Mongolia! Because Life is More Fun When You Don't Know What You're Doing

In front of me is an aluminium rectangle filled with more knowledge, wisdom and cat pictures than I could absorb in just one lifetime. It's a wonderful time to be alive when you can find out how many calories are in a pineapple with just a quick Google search, but it's just such a dull and meaningless existence. Read More >>

What the Hell is the Point of an English Degree?

Hi, I’m Ben and during my five years at university I’ve learnt, errrm… something about communication? Read More >>

The Irony of it All: Why I Think Pot Should be Legalised

How do I write about a sensitive topic (my love of marijuana is well known in the comments 'round these parts), without sounding like some drugged-up hippy? Let me try. Read More >>

The Struggle of One Man and an App That Nobody Has Bothered to Design Yet

I look down at my phone, a Samsung Galaxy Note 3, it's big enough to draw attention from my fellow commuters on the DLR -- the East London railway system inspired by the Simpsons episode 'Marge v.s. the Monorail'. "Is that a phone or a tablet?" the commuters ask, silently, in their heads. "It's neither," I say, silently, in my head. Read More >>

You Know a Game's Special When it Makes You Realise How Much of a Dickhead You Are

Papers, Please is an indie game made by Lucas Pope, which did very well in the end-of-2013 round ups. This game picked up a big epiphany plank and twatted me around the head with it. Repeatedly. Read More >>

Entreprenough: How I Overdosed on TED Talks

"So if a 15-year-old who didn't even know what a pancreas was could find a new way to detect pancreatic cancer, just imagine what you could do." "Damnit! Fifteen? Of course he gets a standing ovation. I'd stand up too if I were there. Man, what am I doing with my time? I feel fat. Ugh...I'm going to tweet him." Read More >>

Tech Life in a Rural Place That Isn't London

It's a bit "London!" around here sometimes, isn't it? London's getting a new train. People ride bikes in London now, don't you know? London's getting a special type of coffee only for London people. London's got a new skyscraper shaped like a spatula. And so on. Read More >>

The Navajo Know: Posting Photos Online Shouldn't Mean Selling Your Soul to Advertisers

From the Navajo Native Americans to Aboriginal tribespeople, many cultures around the globe have feared the soul-stealing properties of the photograph. Whether it be captured on film or, in the age of digital photography, a .jpeg or RAW file, there have always been those wary of the spirit-sapping power of the camera, for spiritual reasons or the simple defense of vanity. Read More >>

My Top 5 (Really Boring) Reasons to Look Forward to the PS4

The PS4/PlayStation 4/topofeveryone'sChristmaslist4 is getting its eagerly-awaited launch on November 15th in North America, and here in the UK on the 29th. PlayStation has recently uploaded this FAQ, subsequently sending hordes of slavering nerds into a state of speculative reverie. Read More >>

It's Not the Size of Your Lens That Counts; It's How You Use It

A crowd parts for the man with the expertly-engineered tool in hand, awaiting his display of expertise. But this is no knight with sword and armour, not even a firefighter in overalls holding a hose, but a photographer in oversized cargo shorts tightly gripping his L-lens. Read More >>

The Realistic Guide to Learning How to Run

Step 1 -- Go running. The astute reader might've noticed that, in contrast with the established rules of guide-writing, I have effectively started at the end. Well done; pat yourself on the back, astute reader. The best possible advice for a new runner is to try and run a mile, then two...then run a 5k, throw up and don't run again for two weeks. Congratulations, you are now a runner. Read More >>

Europe Shouldn't Let Silicon Valley Have all the Parties

As a Gizmodo reader you already know what technology is all about. You come here because you love tech and the amazing transformations it performs. You love it because it makes life easier, better, or at least more amusing. And you love the way that technology offers hope for solving some of the big problems in the world, like people not being able to watch a video on a big enough telly. Read More >>

Whatever Happened to Accountability In Customer Service?

It is with agonising introspection that I realise that this post makes me sound like one of the grumpy-old-man get-off-my-lawn brigade, but, as they said so eloquently in an ancient Monty Python sketch -- I wish to register a complaint. Read More >>

That One Time I Was on Gamesmaster

I'm a big fan of video games. I also enjoy watching television. One thing I don't enjoy is being on television. Being a guest on a television program is designed to put you on the wrong foot from the start. Television sets are bristling with TV-lovies, straight out of the Central School for Speech and Drama, oozing confidence, charisma, teeth that are so white they're almost blue, and leaving small trails of face powder in their wake; sometimes actually leaving people who're in the act of trying to apply face powder in their wake. Read More >>

The Utter Absurdity of Speed Limits on Motorway Gantry Signs

You know what really grinds my gears? Speed limits on the gantry signs that populate British motorways. Along with the resulting queues of traffic, naturally. Read More >>

Defending GTA V, and Whether We Really Ought To

Hands up if you bought GTA V this week. Of course you did. Rockstar's latest do-whatever-you-want-'em-up is probably the most eagerly-awaited Grand Theft Auto to date, causing a frenzy amongst gamers unlike anything seen before. But while you spend the coming weekend in an orgy of carjacking, robberies and mindless slaughter, ask yourself one question: Am I cool with all of this? Read More >>


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