Grab Some Hot Tickets to Monty Python on Stage for Your "Something Completely Different" Deal of the Day

Knock knock. Who is there? A dead parrot! Hahahaha! Doctor, doctor; I feel like I've been a very naughty boy and am not the messiah! Well, perhaps this amusing animation will ease your symptoms. Hahahaha! A horse does a funny walk into a bar and the barman says "and now for something completely different..." Read More >>

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Devastated Family Loses Everything They'd Saved on Their DVR

The Talbott family has suffered a tragic loss. Everything the family had saved for years, all of it disappeared in an instant. Now they set to the task of rebuilding their lives after the huge setback of a crashed DVR. Read More >>

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The Onion's TED-style Mock App Pitch is Perfect

The Onion's TED talk parodies return with the reveal of a remarkable new app called PicSong that turns your countless photos into music—for anyone who might want to do that for some reason. Read More >>

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Every Brand Video You've Ever Seen in One Sweeping Parody

Based on Kendra Eash's brilliant McSweeney's piece of the same name, This is a Generic Brand Video is a perfect moving collage of everything that makes brand videos so terrible. Read More >>

You Have to be Desperate if You're Browsing the Second Page of Google Results

It's a cold, dead wasteland that second page. Reach the third, and you're in real trouble. [XKCD] Read More >>

Instagram Would Have Been Even More Awesome in the 80s

We assume that all of the media we consume, and all of the social networks we obsess over, are only made possible by modern technology. But as this video demonstrates, even Instagram could have existed back in the 1980s—with only minor changes to how the service works today. Read More >>

Study Shows Comedians Share Personality Traits Seen in Psychosis

Research carried out by the University of Oxford and Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust claims that personality traits seen in comedians, and other creative types, are similar to traits of people who experience psychosis. Read More >>

Saturday Night Live Riffs on Obama's Recent Tech Troubles

Obama hasn't had a great time with all things technological recently: his is still struggling, and he was embarrassingly forced into posing for a selfie with Danish prime minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt last week. This Saturday Night Live video takes an amusing look at it all. Read More >>

Google Glass is So Helpful it Could Reveal How Awful Your Life Is

Google Glass has the potential to be the ultimate personal assistant: a little helper, always in the corner of your eye, keeping you abreast of your day-to-day life. Your humdrum, mediocre, monotonous, depressing life. Read More >>

What TED Talks Will Be Like When the Zombie Apocalypse Arrives

"In the wake of the zombie apocalypse, innovative ideas have become more important than ever. Watch and take note on how to survive the 'human apocalypse' in a special DED Talk presented by a zombie who has seen it all." Read More >>

Siri Gets Sassy If You Ask It About Google Glass

Everybody knows that Siri gets silly from time to time and starts cracking jokes. Most of them are not funny (e.g. "Two iPhones walk into a bar… I forget the rest.") But when Siri starts trash-talking Apple's competitors, things start to get interesting. Read More >>

Just How Sexy Is the Xbox One?

Whether you like your consoles ribbed or smooth; your d-pads embedded or enlarged, or your triggers tingling with resistive joy or not, the new Xbox One is a nice piece of ass electronics. Or so these guys reveal. Oh, and it apparently doesn't taste of much, so bring your own sauce. [OXM] Read More >>

All The Recurring Jokes in Arrested Development Visualised

Watch enough Arrested Development—I mean, is there really such a thing as enough?—and you become party to a long and intricate series of recurring jokes. Now, you can feast your eyes on an interactive visualisation that lets you take a closer look at where the gags crop up. Read More >>

First New Arrested Development Trailer: Thank You, Netflix

While 96 seconds isn't enough to promise a full 14-episode run of goodness, there's more than enough here to encourage the AD faithful; even just seeing the entire cast back together should warm the comedic cockles. You'll be able to watch for yourself on May 26th, when Netflix makes the entire fourth season available for streaming at once. Read More >>

What a Facebook Re-Design Would Be Like in Real Life

By now we're mostly used to Facebook moving the furniture around every once in a while. We complain for a while, then just deal with it. But in a way, it's still maddening. Your stuff was HERE and now it's HERE. (Right, right, glass houses.) But at least Facebook can't barge in and rearrange your real life. That would be terrible. [YouTube] Read More >>

What the World Would Look Like Without the Internet

Do you remember how your life was like without the Internet? Wondering and daydreams without Google confirmation, restaurant and bar picks without online reviews, working hard because there is no such thing as the Internet to goof off on, actually seeing friends in real life — it all sounds so awesome! But if you replaced your Internet-having self into an Internet-less world, well, things won't go so well. [Uproxx] Read More >>


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