All of the Water on Earth Comes From Space

If there's one thing that makes our home planet special—other than the presence of you and me—it's water. This is The Blue Marble after all. But for something that's so characteristically Earth-y, its origins are positively extra-terrestrial. Read More >>

The Universe's Most Important Alarm Clock Will Wake-Up Rosetta Tomorrow

Three years is a long time to sleep—even for a machine. That's how long Rosetta has slumbered in its decade-long journey towards the comet where it will land. But at 10:00 GMT tomorrow morning, Rosetta will awaken. Here's how its alarm clock works. Read More >>

How Europe is Going to Land on a Comet

In November 2014, after travelling 10 years and hundreds of millions of miles, a European spacecraft will touch down on a two-and-a-half-mile-wide ball of ice and dust as it hurtles through space towards the sun. And if all goes according to plan, this unprecedented feat could finally give us what we need to understand the origins of life on Earth. It's just the "according to plan" that's the tricky part. Read More >>

NASA Caught the First Glimpse of the Solar System's Stunning Tail

The solar system isn't stationary; it's careening through the infinite abyss of space as we speak. Just like a comet, it comes complete with its own tail, and for the first time, we've actually been able to see it. Read More >>

What Earth Looks Like from 100 Million Miles Away

Though we've seen plenty of our beautiful blue marble from space before, here's what Earth looks like from a hundred million miles away. That's roughly the same distance from the Earth to the Sun. Read More >>

Comet Electrical Chain Sold For... £2

Retail park based electrical chain Comet has found itself a new home, with existing owner Kesa selling the entire franchise, all the stores and stock, to a private company. For £2. Read More >>

The Day All Life on Earth Almost Ended

On August 12th, 1883, a pack of life-extinguishing comets came within a few hundred miles of slamming into the Earth, killing everything on the planet. Read More >>


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