A Guide to Programming for Non-Programmers

Coding: how hard can it be? Take a few ideas, type a few lines of letters and numbers, sprinkle with some rarely used punctuation marks and—boom—you have software! Right? Read More >>

You Wouldn't Like This Hulk When He's… Wet

Those 'just add water and watch it grow' toys have been a staple of kids for years now. But if you thought you outgrew such a childish novelty, ThinkGeek might change your mind with this wonderful desk toy that brings the Incredible Hulk to life with nothing but a container full of water. Read More >>

What Happens When Your Non-Coding Boss Asks You to Code

Whether you're a PhD student, dev, data analyst or any other code-crunching machine, chances are you've written script for people that don't understand what that entails. This cartoon is for you. Read More >>

The Differences Between Video Games and Real Life

If only video games were real life, right? Caffeine could be ditched for super star power ups, quests would be fun to do and rewarding as opposed to simply job saving and you wouldn't have to worry about budgeting because you would buy everything since it's so easy to make money. Ah, video game life has it so good! Read More >>

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You Don't Always Need to Be More Precise Than Everyone Else

Whether it's a comment thread on a blog or a conversation in a bar, we're all guilty of interjecting with our own, more precise, more accurate take on pretty much any topic. But maybe we should all quit that habit, every now and then. Read More >>

The Relative Screen Resolutions of Your Favourite Devices in One Chart

The display on your phone is relatively tiny. But in pixels, it's friggin' huge. That's the beauty of high resolution. So how would that phone screen compare to your TV, or your tablet or your laptop if it was spread out to a similarly-sized screen? Doghouse Diaries made this graphic to show you, and it's kind of nuts. Read More >>

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Stan Lee Explains the Ludicrous "Science" Behind Superheroes

Superheroes don't make a lot of scientific sense. They're better than science; that's half the fun. But you've gotta try and keep a little believability in there, and Stan Lee explains exactly how to do it. Read More >>

The One Trick That Dumbphones are Still the Best at

We all love our smartphones. Who could ever go back to a time before having an all-knowning internet brick on hand at all times? But there is one trick that dumbphones were better at: flipping. I don't know about you, but I miss it to this day. Read More >>

Google Autocomplete Is an Even Weirder Place Than You Thought

Google autocomplete results have always been a font of joy; nowhere else is humanity's curiosity and stupidity celebrated in such equal measure. But when you really start to comb through what it has to offer — as xkcd does — it goes from amusing to disturbing and back again way quicker than you'd think. Read More >>

Metropolis: The Real-Life Town That Superman Couldn't Save

Until the 1970s, the tiny southern Illinois town of Metropolis in the US had two claims to fame: The long-demolished fort George Washington founded nearby, and the Uranium Hexafluoride Processing Facility, which employed hundreds of its citizens. But in June 1972, the Illinois House of Representatives and DC Comics gave Metropolis a new history. They declared it the official hometown of Superman. Read More >>

The Most Suspicious File of All

We've all done it. We've all clicked on a link that we probably shouldn't have, confused a gremlin for a Mogwai. But if you ever click the mother of all suspicious links, you deserve whatever's coming to you. Read More >>

How to Sound Just the Right Kind of Concerned About Google Glass

Kicking and screaming will the late adopters be dragged into the future. But if you want to stoke their deepest fears just the right amount, let xkcd be your troll-guide: Read More >>

If We Give In to Always-On DRM This is What the World Will Be Like

If Microsoft doesn't relent and Sony backtracks, going ahead with its anti-piracy and used-game-blocking plan, this is what the world would be like. The always-on DRM war that'll kill us all. Read More >>

Six Things the Phone Book's Actually Still Good For

The phone book. There's perhaps no more outmoded, unnecessary, downright wasteful collection of printed information in the known universe. But Doghouse Diaries has a few suggestions that might make them useful after all. Read More >>

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Everything Wrong With Iron Man

It's hard not to be won over by the charms of the original 2008 Iron Man movie. But it's possible—just possible—that you were so busy appreciating Marvel's whizzbang treatment and Robert Downey Jr.'s roguish charms that you missed these GIANT GLARING PROBLEMS. Read More >>


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