Facebook Testing Comments on Comments on Comments (Oh My God My Head)

The top secret labs at Facebook are in overtime right now: another experimental FB feature has been spotted in the wild. Soon we might be commenting on comments. Read More >>

We've Pimped Giz UK Today, With Reply Notifications and More

In the four-and-a-half months Giz UK's been live, we've seen over 26,000 comments -- a number most UK tech sites would take years to accumulate. As this completely took us by surprise, it's taken us until now to roll out several much-requested commenting features including, yup, reply notifications. Grab my hand, and let's take a tour: Read More >>

Pro Giz UK Tip: "Like" Comments For Kudos and Stars

There are some amazingly witty commenters lurking around these parts. Show you like their style, by pressing "like" on their comment. Once they hit 20 likes (across all their comments), they're rewarded with a big fat star. But that's when the real fun starts. Read More >>

Pro Giz UK Tip: Use Tags to Find Articles of Interest

Longtime US readers will be familiar with the way tags work, but as a reminder, if you're looking for all our news about Apple (I won't hold that against you), or even want to ignore all the posts we take from the US site in favour of UK-published stuff, tags are your new best friend. Read More >>

How to Add Your Rugged (or Pretty) Faces to Your Commenting Avatars

While I'm busy beavering away on Commenting FAO Mk. II (no joke -- that's what my Word .doc is called), here's a quickie for anyone puzzling over how to add a picture to their commenting accounts: Read More >>


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