"Sadistic Glee" is the Reason We Like Being Mean on the Internet

A group of researchers believes online "trolls" and real-world sadists have quite a lot in common, with today's anonymous online hatemongers getting satisfaction from causing other people to suffer in a similar fashion to proper sadists. Read More >>

Google Tweaks YouTube Comment Management to Appease Angry Content Creators

The YouTube overlords have launched a revised comment management system for the video sharing site, amalgamating all the user feedback into one place. It's a step in the right direction, but most people would still like it put back the way it was, please. Read More >>

Google+ Comments Coming to YouTube to Clean Google's World of Shame

Google's finally doing something about the global embarrassment of comments beneath YouTube videos, in soon allowing Google+ to be used when interacting on the site. The shift will see Google allow private comment fields viewable only by G+ friends, plus new threading, filtering and sorting options to relegate spammers and idiots. [YouTube] Read More >>

You Can Now Put Images in Your Facebook Comments

Facebook has been doing a lot of work on its comment system between threaded replies and emoticon support. Now (finally?) you can throw images in there too. Brace yourself; the image macros are coming. Read More >>

Facebook Is Rolling Out Threaded Comments to Pages and Hyper-Popular Profiles

What was once just an infinitely looping twinkle in a Facebook developer's eye has officially become a reality: comments in reply to comments in reply to posts. Read More >>

Force a Little Christmas Cheer on YouTube Trolls with This Festive Censorship Browser App

YouTube comments can be an unmoderated wilderness full of ill-will and lame obscenities the likes of which, well, the likes of which you've seen in YouTube comments. Maybe you're used to it, maybe you don't dare drift that far down the page for fear of losing yourself in the inanity. YuleTube can help change that by making those gift-giving comments elfin' festive. Read More >>

You Can Use Emoticons In Facebook Comments Now T_T

Oh noes. Facebook has activated emoticons in the comments. That means that now your Facebook page will get full of all kinds of smileys. And, for some reason, sharks. Read More >>

Let's See How Well YouTube's Real-Name Comment Policy Is Working

YouTube is notorious for its godawful, subhuman commenters. Google's solution? Implementing a new regime in which people are prompted to switch their accounts to their real name. Fortunately, the majority comments continue to be just as horrendous and offensive as ever. Business as usual! Read More >>

Google+ Is YouTube's Secret Hate-Filled Comment Nuking Weapon

Google's plan to bleach-clean the cesspit of YouTube comments is now rolling out to users around the world, coming in the predictable form of Google+ integration. Google's now asking us to grow up and leave our silly old pretend names behind, and to start being ourselves on the internet. Read More >>

Rotten Tomatoes Had to Protect Dark Knight Rises Critics from Bloodthirsty Fans

People really like Christopher Nolan movies. They like them so much that everyone knows they like them before they even see the movies. So much, in fact, that they'll cuss out and threaten any critics who disagree so badly that Rotten Tomatoes has to disable commenting for the movie—a first for the site. Read More >>

The Hugest, Most Verbose, and Least Grammatical Cache of Spam Comments, Ever

Cory Doctorow, co-editor of BoingBoing, hit the motherload of all spam motherloads this morning, when he woke up to find some nitwit had visited his personal WordPress site and dumped a giant, rambling post of every SEO spam comment in their database. Oops! Read More >>

Facebook Now Shows Everyone Every Stupid Comment You Edited

Facebook comments are a fireworks show of impulsiveness, like much else with Facebook. Mercifully, FB just gave us the ability to edit things we wish we might have said differently. But now, our screwup is open for everyone to see. Read More >>

Google Has a Magical Mystery Abusive YouTube Comments Fix in the Pipeline

Speaking during one of the YouTube-themed events at last week's Google I/O event, Google man Dror Shimshowitz claimed it's working on some sort of system to bring an end to the torrent of misery unleashed daily by the comments beneath YouTube videos. Read More >>

Facebook Is About to Start Letting You Edit Your Boneheaded Comments

Attention hasty commenters and people who are friends with them: the benevolent decision-makers at Facebook are doing you a solid; over the next few days, Facebook will be rolling out the ability for users to edit their own comments. Read More >>

Here's Who's Leaving All Those Incredibly Inappropriate YouTube Comments

YouTube has long been established as the home of the absolute worst commentariat on the internet today; a vile, racist, hatful spigot of bad spelling and small minds. But maybe that one downvote on that magical tale of human triumph has a simple explanation: literally everyone's on YouTube. Even misogynists, idiots, and Death. [Doghouse Diaries] Read More >>

We've Pimped Giz UK Today, With Reply Notifications and More

In the four-and-a-half months Giz UK's been live, we've seen over 26,000 comments -- a number most UK tech sites would take years to accumulate. As this completely took us by surprise, it's taken us until now to roll out several much-requested commenting features including, yup, reply notifications. Grab my hand, and let's take a tour: Read More >>


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