The 98-Year-Old MS Paint Prodigy in Microsoft's Super Bowl Commercial

Remember Hal Lasko, the 98-year-old semi-blind artist who makes strikingly beautiful prints using Windows 95-era Microsoft Paint? Turns out he got a shoutout in Microsoft's gorgeously sentimental commercial that aired during last Sunday's Super Bowl, as Mashable points out. Which is great, because we love the guy and his gorgeous work. Read More >>

The Best Super Bowl Tech Ads, Ranked

Unlike recent years, 2014 saw some Super Bowl ads for tech companies that were actually... good? Inconceivable! We've gathered them all here, in easily processed ranking form. As always, all rankings are totally subjective and legally binding. Read More >>

Sony Made a Volcano Spew Eight Million Flowers For This Stunning 4K Ad

If there's one thing Sony knows how to do, it's sell its technology with cool imagery. In past commercials the company has blasted buildings with paint, sent millions of rubber balls bouncing down a street, and even unleashed a small army of Play-Doh bunnies. But this time around, Sony's dumping eight million flowers into a volcano and onto a small town to sell its 4K TVs here in the UK. Read More >>

Watch How Every F*cking Tech Commercial Is Exactly the Same

People finishing each other's sentences. Indie rock. Video editing that's way too fast. CollegeHumor is spot-on in its demonstration of how every tech commercial is exactly the same. Read More >>

Haha, Microsoft Uses Siri to Make Fun of the iPad in a New Ad

Microsoft, which has been trying to force Windows Phone into the Android and iPhone conversation in its recent adverts, is going head on against Apple in its latest spot. Hilarity ensues. Read More >>

If Vine Tried to Make an Ad About Vine Using Vine

The Kids Table Comedy poked fun of Vine's limitations by showing what would happen if Vine wanted to make an ad about Vine using Vine. So meta! If you can't make a advert about your product using your product, what do you have? [The Kids Table Comedy via Laughing Squid] Read More >>

What If Buying Cider Was Like Buying an Apple Product?

Somersby Cider has created a cheeky commercial that pokes fun of Apple product launches by imagining a world where buying cider is like getting a new iPhone. The Genius Bar would be a real bar and workers would talk about how many cores inside the apple, how many pits and how to use the "in to face" and dock the glass of cider. Read More >>

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The Secret to Making Food Look So Delicious in Ads (Hint: Slow Motion)

You know when you watch a beer commercial or an ad about fruit or anything relating food and think, man, that looks absolutely delicious? And then when you go to the shop to get that same exact food, it looks absolutely nothing like the commercial. It happens every time! How do ad men make the products look so good? With awesome slow motion, apparently. Read More >>

Best. Technical College. Ad. Ever.

What begins as a seemingly cheesy commercial for the Central Institute of Technology in Australia quickly devolves into a morass of extremely dark silliness. Read More >>

How the Best Super Bowl Commercial Was Almost Cancelled by Apple

You know Apple's 1984 commercial. You've seen Apple's 1984 commercial. Heck, it's widely accepted that the 1984 commercial is one of the best ads of all time. But did you know it was almost cancelled by Apple before it ever aired? Read More >>

Sadistic Little Boy Scalps Women and Catapults Cats All in the Name of Advertising

There are adverts so good, you'll never forget them. There are also adverts so bad, you can't help but remember them. Where does this Norwegian advert that shows a creepily sadistic little boy, who scalps women and catapults cats for Norway's 1888 telephone directory/text messaging service fall then? Read More >>


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