Plant Cells "Talk" With Electric Signals, Too

A particular detail has always stuck with me from The BFG, Roald Dahl's dark as hell children's book that's actually about giants snatching kids from their bedrooms. The one good, non kid eating giant tells his friend about superhuman hearing: "if I is twisting the stem of the flower till it breaks, then the plant is screaming. I can hear it screaming and screaming very clear." Read More >>

It Takes Longer To Compose Texts That Have A Lie In Them

Most people lie. Whether it's once and a while or daily, everyone has to do their thing and sometimes lying seems like the best way to make it all work. But liars have tells, which can be just as important in life as in poker. And a new study suggests that people take longer to respond to texts when they're cooking up a lie. Just one more thing to factor into the social calculus. Read More >>

Pneumatic Tubes Are Working Their Way Back Into the Pipeline

You might think of pneumatic tubes as an arcane means of pushing letters around big buildings — but there's a quiet revolution in the pipeline which could see them challenging digital communication, at least some of the time. Read More >>

How To Send a Photo Around the World (in 1926)

Today, we take for granted the ability to send photos halfway around the world in an instant. (Which is probably why that popular smartphone photograph service is called Instant-Gram™.) But a century ago, getting a photograph across an ocean was a much more involved process than simply snapping a mirror selfie and publishing it to 3,000 of your closest friends. Read More >>

Scientists Wire Two Rats' Brains Together and Share a Thought Across the Internet

Telepathy isn't real. You can't read minds with nothing but the tools you were born with. But add a little bit of wiring and that starts to change. Scientists have now managed to get two lab rats to think in-sync with just a little augmentation. Read More >>

Drones Now Have an AC/DC Soundtrack, via Laser Beam

What is it about technology and Aussie rock band AC/DC? In July a computer hack led to the band's track Thunderstruck belting out at top volume in an Iranian nuclear power plant. Now AC/DC's signature hit Highway to Hell is riding on a laser beam that's being bounced off a drone in mid-flight. When the beam is reflected to a ground sensor, the full glory of the music is reconstructed without a cymbal crash out of place. Read More >>

What It's Like to Judge the Turing Test

"What are your favourite Sci Fi movies?" "I like Star Wars and The Matrix," comes the typed reply. I am trying to work out if I'm talking to a "hidden human" in the next room, or actually a machine located somewhere in cyberspace. Read More >>

First-Class Stamps Will Cost 60p Each, as Royal Mail Safeguards Its Future Against Texting and Emailing

I'd like to think I can exist solely digitally, but my frequent trips to the post office are testament to the fact we still have to bend over to Royal Mail's rough treatment every once and a while. Their calloused hands will soon be pinching even more meat from us soon, with the Beeb reporting first-class stamps are due to rise from 46p each to 60p come April 30th. Read More >>

What is Google's New "Next Generation Personal Communication Device"?

Google is, apparently, developing a new music streaming service. But new reports suggest that it is also simultaneously trialling a "next generation personal communication device" with its employees. Read More >>

Text Messages Bring Out the Liar In All of Us

Next time your date cancels by SMS, be suspicious. Because a new study suggests that people lie more often when they communicate by text compared to face-to-face conversations or speaking on the phone. Read More >>


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