Samsung Galaxy S5 Review: Less is So Much More

If you can say one thing about Samsung's Galaxy S line of smartphones, it's that they consistently pair some of the best hardware with inexplicable software. The S5 scales back Samsung's bells and whistles, which helps make it easily the best Galaxy phone yet. If only they'd gone even further. Read More >>

HTC One M8 (2014) Vs. HTC One (2013): What's Changed?

HTC's just announced an all-new flagship smartphone for 2014, which it's calling the... HTC One M8. Given that HTC couldn't be bothered thinking up a new name for it, you might be forgiven for thinking the 2014 HTC One is not that much of an update. Or is it? Or isn't it? Let's see. Read More >>

The Netflix vs. Amazon Video vs. Now TV Battlemodo: Which Streaming Service is Best?

Cheap isn't always cheerful -- and in the world of streaming video, that's especially true. Although, on the face of it, there's several different near-identical video streaming services you can plonk a couple of quid down for, not all were created equal. Read More >>

Nexus 5 Review: The Best Android Can Offer (For the Price)

This year, after having leaked more than a shot-up sieve, the long-awaited Nexus 5 is here with Android 4.4 (KitKat) in tow. It's most definitely one of the best phones you can buy, even if it doesn't quite meet its inflated expectations. Read More >>

How the iPad Air Stacks Up to the Tablet Market's Top Dogs

The newer, shinier, and freshly named iPad Air is finally here—and goddamn is it thin. But while super-skinny is nice and all, it doesn't necessarily make for a better device (nor was the now-old iPad big-boned by any means). So let's take a look at how the iPad Air compares to its toughest competition. Read More >>

The Retina iPad Mini vs the Competition

So you've read all about it; but how does Apple's cute little tablet compare to the now-bloated small tablet category? We've crunched the numbers and stacked them all side-by-side, for your comparing pleasure. Read More >>

xbox one
Developers Say Xbox One is "Weaker" and Slower than PS4 in Critical Areas

The unseemly power struggle that's currently being waged between the Xbox One and PS4 camps has taken a turn for the worse for Microsoft, with developers claiming key areas of the Xbox One hardware are up to 50 per cent slower than PS4's internals. Read More >>

How the New Nexus 7 Stacks Up to the Competition

Well, we already knew pretty much everything there was to know about the new Nexus 7 before Google's official announcement. Our friends in the US could have even technically have gone out and bought (that is, pre-ordered) it this morning. But even though nothing was really a surprise, that doesn't change the fact that it's one sweet piece of tablet, even when compared to some of the top contenders. Read More >>

Galaxy S4 and HTC One Google Edition Hands-On: The Best Got Better

For years, one of Android's biggest problems has been Android skins that weigh down the best hardware the platform has to offer. But now the two best Android phones in the world—the HTC One and the Samsung Galaxy S4—come in pure, stock Google Editions. And after spending some time with both, we can confirm that ditching the skins has made them better than ever. Read More >>

The Netflix vs. LoveFilm vs. Now TV vs. Blinkbox Shoot-Out: Which One is Worth Your Money?

Now that Tesco's big investment in Blinkbox is finally paying off, ramped up its content and being pushed out to more devices, it’s time to have a look at what we can actually get from the PAYG-only service, and compare it to what our original streamers, LoveFilmNetflix and Now TV, are currently offering. Read More >>

How Big Is the New Enterprise Compared to the Old One?

725.35 metres. A whoppumental 2,379.75 feet. That's how big the new super-sized Enterprise is. Here you can see it compared against the Galactica, the good old Enterprise, the Blockade Runner, and the ISS. Read More >>

How the Nokia Lumia 925 Stacks Up to the Competition

Of course, numbers are only going to tell one side of the story, and we really won't be able to get a good idea of what this phone can do until we've spent some real time with it. But as far as straight stats go, the Lumia 925 has some nice updates from its 920 predecessor to keep in line with its fellow flagships. It's now boasting an OLED display instead of the LCD that the 920 carried, so that should at least help it somewhat against its more pixel-dense companions. A slight camera improvement gives it a nice boost too, being out-megapixeled by the Galaxy S IV only. Otherwise, it's a pretty tight race, meaning the true deciding factor—as is increasingly the case—is the software that all these guts are empowering. Read More >>

Samsung Galaxy S4 Review: Better, But Not Best (Updated: Camera Test Shots)

Since it arrived last year, the Galaxy S III has been the world's best-selling smartphone that wasn't born in Cupertino. An impressive feat, but one that—along with Samsung's Megatron-sized hype-machine—has made for sky-high expectations for the sequel. Read More >>

How the Samsung Galaxy S IV Compares to the Competition

Now that we know what the Samsung Galaxy S IV is packing inside its new 5-inch body, how does it hold up against the best phones available? Take a look at the tale of the tape to see who's winning the spec wars. Hint: the Galaxy S IV does a fine job. Read More >>

UK a Miserable 12th in European Broadband Speed League Table

The government's ambition to give us the best broadband in Europe by 2015 has some way to go, with our pipes only the 12th fattest in Europe and languishing well behind the quickest connections offered around the globe. Read More >>


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