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Shooting Challenge #32 -- Seeing Red (Win a Nexus 7)

It’s no great secret that I’m a huge fan of black and white photography and almost all of my photographic output is in monochrome. On occasions, I like to challenge myself and inject a bit of colour into my photographs. Read More >>

Win One of Five Xperia Z2s From Sony

Wouldn't you like to upgrade that phone in your pocket to something decidedly more next-gen? We're giving away five Xperia Z2 smartphones from Sony (plus 10 runner-up prizes), and all you need to do is a bit of detective work on this image here. Good luck! [Xperia Z2 competition] Read More >>

shooting challenge
Shooting Challenge #30 -- The Winners Are...

In our most recent Shooting Challenge, we tasked you with photographing something musical. It was a very creative challenge with lots of freedom to capture a wide range of subjects and we even had a stack of Spotify Premium codes to give away too. Read More >>

How Delivery Drones Could Save Lives in Africa

What the first thing you think of when you hear the word "drone?" It might be killing machines. Or reconnaissance quadcopters. Or maybe a honey bee. But for a countless number of people in Africa, it could be a flying packmule with life-saving cargo. Read More >>

shooting challenge
Shooting Challenge #30 -- The Sound Of Music (Win Spotify Premium Codes)

I'll not lie to you, music is one of the most important things in my life; yes even more important that TV, tech, videogames and photography! For me, re-interpreting other people's words in a visual format is really creative and can be a lot of fun too. Read More >>

shooting challenge
Shooting Challenge #29 -- The Winner Is...

For the last Shooting Challenge you were tasked with diving into the dark and mysterious world of low-key photography. For many of you it was an opportunity to get really creative and as usual, you didn't disappoint. Read More >>

Missed Sony's 2014 Product Preview? Never Fear, You Can Still Win a 4K TV

What happens when you squeeze 20 Giz readers, a handful of Sony community members, and the latest Sony audio, TV and camera products into a room decorated to look like a football pitch? Goals are made all over the place (of the £10k worth of kit readers wanted to win, anyway). If you weren't able to make the event, never fear though, as Sony's giving away an extra 65-inch 4K TV right now. Read More >>

shooting challenge
Shooting Challenge #29 -- Low-Key Photography

One of the great fears for a photographer is water in your camera/lens, and with the 'great' British weather clearly showing no signs of improving over the next couple of decades, find yourself a nice dark room, a single light source and get to grips with some low-key photography. Read More >>

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Shooting Challenge #28 -- The Winner Is...

For our last extended-entry window Shooting Challenge (which was my fault entirely as I seem to have lost the ability to read a calendar), I set you the task of photographing your favourite playthings. Read More >>

shooting challenge
Shooting Challenge #28 -- Toys (Win a Pair of Grado Headphones!)

There was a time when we lived in a world of make-believe. It was a world filled with adventures and wonder; all made from our imagination and our toys. At some point though we had to put away our childish things and grow up and do adult stuff like work and pay bills. Read More >>

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Shooting Challenge #27 -- Selfie (Win a Tokyoflash Watch)

Last month, those bespectacled brainboxes over at the Oxford English Dictionary announced their International Word of the Year for 2013. From the shortlist of words which included bitcoin, bedroom tax (isn't that two words?), schmeat (no, I have no idea either) and twerk, they chose selfie. Read More >>

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Shooting Challenge #26 — The Winner of the iPad Air Is...

The last Shooting Challenge was all about the strange but often wonderful photographic technique of Intentional Camera Movement or ICM for short. As usual, we had a bumper crop of high quality photos so thanks for getting involved with the challenge. Read More >>

Sniff Out the Z1 HIDDEN Image and Win an Xperia Z1 and Xperia Tablet Z

If you haven't managed to bag yourself one of Gizmodo's highest-reviewed phones of 2013 yet, good news -- you can win yourself an Xperia Z1 plus an Xperia Tablet Z simply by sniffing around on Giz for a bit to find a Z1 image we've buried. Read More >>

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Shooting Challenge #26 Intentional Camera Movement -- Win an iPad Air

Sometimes I get stuck in a bit of a creative black hole and feel like I'm photographing the same thing over and over again, purely for the sake of taking a photo. Looking through one of my many photography books I glanced upon a photography style called 'Intentional Camera Movement'. The clue is in the title and it really is just that; taking photos with intentional camera shake or motion blur as the camera shoots the picture. Read More >>

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Shooting Challenge #25 (The Message) -- The Winner Is...

To co-incide with the 60th anniversary of the forming of the Samaritans charity, our most recent Shooting Challenge was all about 'The Message'. The challenge was quite straightforward; create a photographic poster that captured the essence of a charity of your choosing. The criteria was that the poster must contain both images and text created by you. Read More >>

Nominate Killer Digital Efforts In This Year's Lovie Awards

The Lovie Awards is Europe's answer to the Webbys, which you've probably heard of because it's an American juggernaut of a competition, but also, because of this. (Collective "aww," please.) Now, then. Isn't it about time you nominate a digital project you were involved in, in oooh...the next eight hours, before the deadline guillotine slams down for another year? Read More >>


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