Take a Shot In the Dark at Winning a Nokia Lumia 925 and Trip to New York

Now you know all about the Nokia Lumia 925's super-duper awesome smart camera, you'll surely be chomping at the bit to see some examples of how it performs in low-light conditions. Ah yes, that bane of any photographer's life. Good thing Nokia's only gone and planted 15 of them in secret UK locations for you to win. Read More >>

Make Samuel L. Jackson Say Your Words

Samuel L. Jackson has come up with a clever way to hammer the Reddit servers harder than ever, offering to read out the best comment left on a thread he started. If you win, you can quite legitimately call yourself an A-List Hollywood scriptwriter. Read More >>

shooting challenge
Shooting Challenge #17 -- The Winner Is…

Asking you to capture summer sun was a tough request given the weather doesn't always match up to what you expect of a season, but a score of readers used a spot of creativity in their quest to win some summery prizes from Rekorderlig. As ever, there can only be one winner, however... Read More >>

*Reminder Klaxon* Get Your Shots in and Nab a Crate of Rekorderlig and ASOS Goodies

Never have we had a more appealing prize for our fortnightly Shooting Challenge. Simply snap a photo of some summer sun (if you can find some!) and grab your chance to win a case of passionfruit Rekorderlig cider; £300 of ASOS vouchers, and a Lomography Diana Mini camera. [Shooting Challenge] Read More >>

shooting challenge
Shooting Challenge #17 -- Summer Sun

Summer is on its way and we're happy to hang up our woolies and reach for our shades. To help you guys make the most of the arrival of British summertime, Rekorderlig has collaborated with photographer and Beautifully Swedish Collective member Agnes Thor and are inviting you to join them in celebrating the sun. Read More >>

shooting challenge
*Reminder Klaxon* Get Your Entries in For the Shooting Challenge and Bag Yourself a Canon

What are you up to this weekend? Watching TV? Going to the cinema? Well forget all that. Get your entries into our latest shooting challenge, Street Photography, and win yourself a shiny new Canon PowerShot S110 for your efforts. You have until Monday, March 25th, 6pm to get em in, so hurry up and get snapping. Read More >>

shooting challenge
Shooting Challenge #15 -- Street Photography (Win a Canon This Week, Too)

This week Gizmodo UK is celebrating the dreamers; the unsung heroes that many of us have never heard of. These are the people that work tirelessly for their art with little or no recognition in their lifetime. Not wishing to deviate from this theme, it didn't take me long (about 30 seconds) to think of someone suitable in the world of photography. Mind you, if you enter this week's challenge and win, you won't be without recognition, because yes, we have a pretty damn good prize for this week's challenge. Read More >>

Blue Raspberry Pi Helps Celebrate Indie Computer's 1st Birthday

The maker of the sensational Raspberry Pi has built a limited edition 1,000 unit run of blue-boarded versions of the tiny computer, to celebrate one year of disrupting the home computing scene. You can't buy the blue one, though. It's being saved for use as prizes and free donations to charitable causes. If know someone or a project that deserves a freebie Pi, tweet the maker using these rules. Read More >>

Even James Bond Isn't Immune to Data Theft (Skyfall Competition Below)

With society becoming increasingly mobile, the importance of keeping your data safe has never been more in the public eye. The issue is even spreading into popular culture, what with James Bond having to combat the leaking of every MI6 agent's details onto the internet in his latest adventure Skyfall. Read More >>

Win a Sony Xperia Z By Poking Around on the Internet For a Bit

To celebrate the imminent arrival of Sony's stonking new Xperia Z smartphone, we have a competition for you. You can win an Xperia Z and a set of Sony SRS-BTV5 wireless speakers just by prodding a virtual Las Vegas for clues. Read More >>

shooting challenge
Shooting Challenge #12 - The Winner Is...

While the snowy weather kept many of you entertained this past week, some of you took the challenge baton and ran with it. Boy did you run with it; making the job of picking a winner particularly challenging. On the surface, the brief was simple; take a 'streetscape' self-portrait in the style of celebrated American photographer Lee Friedlander. But the challenge was more than just a picture; I wanted the story behind it. Read More >>

shooting challenge
*Reminder Klaxon* Get Your Entries in For the Shooting Challenge

What could possibly be more fun than playing in the snow? Taking shameless selfies of yourself playing in the snow, that's what. Added bonus: if you do manage to get some good selfies (they don't even have to be in the snow) you could win this week's Shooting Challenge, and then your life would be complete. Entries close 6PM Monday, so chop chop! Read More >>

According to You, These Are the Hottest Gadgets of 2013

A couple weeks back we asked you all, under the cunning guise of a giveaway, to sell us your soul and reveal what gadgets you're looking forward to in 2013. We took the numbers, and our team of slave-minion-analysts have been toiling endlessly since then to crunch the numbers and come up with the ultimate question to life, the universe and everything: what gadget do the Giz UK readers really want? And no, the answer's not 42. Read More >>

Which Talentless Commenter Won Themselves a Sony Xperia Go?

In this last of our Crimbo Commenting Challenges, we invited you all -- young, old, sick, lame, witty and banterless, to compete on an unusually fair and level playing field. Rather than relying on some modicum of skill, this challenge just needed you to leave one paltry comment in order to win. So, which lucky waster managed to snag themselves a shiny new phone? Read More >>

Win a(nother) Sony Xperia Go In This Week's Crimbo Challenge

In our two Crimbo competitions so far, you've had to rely upon your Photoshop skillz (or lack thereof), or commenting prowess. This time, all that's required of you is some basic knowledge of the world of technology -- specifically, we want to know what gadget or tech you're most looking forward to seeing in 2013. Easy, right? Well, it will be, if you've been paying attention during Giz Class this year. Read More >>

Who Won Our Crimbo Commenting Challenge?

Last Monday, we invited (with no small amount of trepidation) the web's best comedians to bring the cream of their acerbic wit and banter to bear on our site, with the promise of a spanking new phone for the comedic gem of the week. Well, time's up, the phone lines are now closed; the winner of X Factor 2012 is...oh wait, sorry, wrong programme. Read More >>


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