What's the Absolute Minimum You Can Compress Data Down To?

If you've ever tried to squeeze data down into a tiny file, you'll know that there comes a point where you can't get it any smaller. This video explains why that is. Read More >>

Chrome's "Pulling an Opera" and Compressing Data Through a Proxy

One of the big boasts Opera's been making for years is that of the power of its mobile data compression routines, which shove web traffic through an optimisation process to lessen the eventual downloads over your phone's data link. Now Google's doing the same thing in the latest Android Chrome beta. Read More >>

The New H.265 Video Format Helps Chew Up Video So Networks Can Swallow It

Streaming video is the future. Well, it's the present, but the future too. And as resolutions increase, it's going to be a tougher and tougher proposition to pipe all that data to your screen of choice in a timely fashion. Fortunately, the new H.265 standard has been approved by the ITU and it's here to help. Read More >>

Sony's Squeezing 4K TV Transmissions So They Can Actually Make It to Your TV

No one's going to drop in excess of £15,000 on a fabulous 84-inch 4K TV without something to watch on it. So to get the broadcast ball rolling, Sony has demonstrated a real-time satellite transmission system that cleverly compresses a 4K signal without reducing its stunning image quality. Read More >>


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