Why Computers Love to Think in Triangles

Humans can understand the world in all its complex 3D glory, from the subtle curve of rolling hills to the jarring harsh lines of Brutalist architecture. But anyone who's ever played a video game will know that computers love to think about 3D in triangles. Why is that? Read More >>

Even the Crappiest of Computers Can Handle ASCII Fluid Simulations

The incredibly lifelike computer simulations of snow and water seen in effects-heavy Hollywood blockbusters—and even video games—require a significant amount of computing power. It's not uncommon for a single frame of a movie to require days to render, and these days visual effect studios have more computing power than Nasa. Read More >>

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Whoa, Computer Graphics Can Make Water Look Real Now

Now here's something impressive. PhysXInfo seems to have solved one of the tougher problems in computer graphics: realistic fluid dynamics. In other words, making water look like actual water, and not a tub full of triangles. Read More >>

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A Sneak Peek At the Mind-Boggling Future of Computer Graphics

Computer graphics have come a long way since a T-Rex ate that lawyer in Jurassic Park. But if these glimpses of what the next generation of CG has in store, we ain't seen nothing yet. Cloth simulations with hyper-realistic wrinkling, modelling complex human hair using thermal imaging, and new approaches to smoke rendering will make our future blockbusters even more blockbustery. Read More >>

AT&T's Cutting-Edge Computer Graphics Workstation Looked Outdated Even in 1982

Before the internet as we know it came to be, there were other services that delivered news and information to homes via computers and TVs. Like AT&T's failed Viewtron system, which required content creators to shell out £20,100 for this Frame Creation Terminal that produced crude computer graphics even by Mario Paint standards. Read More >>

Over-Dramatic Mannequin Promises To Make Computer Animation Easy

If you reached the limits of your artistic capabilities with crude flipbooks in your secondary school textbooks, but dream of being an animator, the Qumarion will make up for at least a little lack of talent. Read More >>


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