Ubuntu 14.04 LTS is Now Available

The latest version of Ubuntu—14.04 LTS or Trusty Tahr to its friends—is now available, with support for touchscreens and super hi-res displays. Go download it now free Read More >>

Is Moore's Law Dying?

Moore's Law—the observation that the number of transistors on integrated circuits doubles approximately every two years—had held true for 40 years. But can engineers keep up that rate of progress? Read More >>

Photographer Reveals the Secret of the Windows XP Desktop Image

Charles O'Rear is the photographer who took Bliss, the image that became the desktop of every single Windows XP computer in the world. Billions saw it and probably think the photo is so perfect and colourful that it is computer generated—or at least Photoshopped. O'Rear reveals the origin of the photo in this video. Read More >>

Intel is Experimenting With Fully Immersed Cooling for Computers

Forget your water-cooled gaming rig: Intel is experimenting with a cooling system which fully immerses the entirety of a computer's electronics in liquid to increase efficiency. Read More >>

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10,000 Falling Dominoes That Actually Work as a Simple Computer

YouTube is chock full of falling domino videos, but Numberphile's Matt Parker may have trumped them all with a complicated 10,000 domino setup that just so happens to function as a very crude computer. How is such a thing even possible? This primer video explains the basics. Read More >>

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How to Make the Switch from Windows XP

As of Tuesday, the venerable Windows XP operating system is going kaput. Microsoft is pulling update support for the OS, leaving it vulnerable to rapidly mutating cyber threats. There's precious little time to make sure your computer isn't left to the wilds of the Internet. Here's how to make the jump to the modern era of personal computing. Read More >>

Computers are Only Great Because of the People Behind Them

Next time you're sat mashing keys, wildly frustrated because something is proving so difficult to get done, remember that the majority of computing tasks are only straightforward because someone already made them easy. Read More >>

Intel Admits its Edison Computer Won't be as Small as Promised

Remember Intel's Edison from CES, the SD card-sized computer that would run Linux and also sounded too good to be true? Well it was! Intel has admitted that the device will now use an Atom processor and be larger as a result. Read More >>

Kinect 2 for Windows Nearly Ready for Those That Like Waving at Their PCs

Developers looking to free the second-gen Kinect sensor from its Xbox One shackles won't have long to wait. Microsoft has just revealed the final hardware look for Kinect for Windows v2, and it'll be very familiar to next-gen gaming fans. Read More >>

Quantum Research Shows D-Wave's Computers are (Probably) the Real Deal

D-Wave's quantum computers have certainly demonstrated that they're capable, but they've also received criticism from scientists. Now, new results show that their technology could be even more solid than they'd claimed in the past. Read More >>

What do Coders Mean When They Talk About Bootstrapping?

When developers talk about bootstrapping, they're not referring to a technique they've developed to avoid tying their shoelaces—but a means of running code wherever the hell they like. Read More >>

RIP Tony Benn, Early Advocate of the British Computing Industry

Tony Benn, Labour party politician and former Cabinet Minister has died, aged 88. While Benn will largely be remembered for his often-radical left-wing stance, Benn was also among the first British politicians to predict the importance of having a solid computing industry in the country. Read More >>

Razer's Righteous New Blade Might be the Best Windows Laptop Yet

The 2013 Razer Blade was fantastic. A great execution on a concept that's been appealing as hell from the very start, a Windows gaming laptop with the premium feel of a MacBook. Now it's back again, and yes, it is even better. Read More >>

Where the Progress Bar Came From

We've all spent hours—maybe even days—of our lives cursing the slow crawl of the dreaded progress bar. But did you ever stop to think about how much worse it might be if the bar wasn't there in the first place. Fortunately, thanks to one grad student's genius idea back in the 80s, we'll never have to find out. Read More >>

Here's Some of the Crazy New Recipes IBM's Watson Has Invented

It's a while since IBM's Watson was put to work inventing recipes, but now the fruits of its labours are being cooked up and served out of IBM's new food truck. And the results are... interesting. Read More >>

What Counts as a Computer These Days?

There was a time when computers were easy to spot: They filled rooms, blinked lights and whirred with fans. But these days, computers are becoming harder and harder to see. In fact, you've got at least one in your pocket right now. Read More >>


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