Google Glass is So Helpful it Could Reveal How Awful Your Life Is

Google Glass has the potential to be the ultimate personal assistant: a little helper, always in the corner of your eye, keeping you abreast of your day-to-day life. Your humdrum, mediocre, monotonous, depressing life. Read More >>

What It's Like to Update the iPhone to iOS 7

So if you didn't hear, iOS 7 came out last night. For a while, it seemed like everybody in the entire world was focused on one thing: updating their iPhone and staring at a progress bar that inched ever so slowly (if it didn't give you an error, that is) towards the iOS 7 Valhalla. Read More >>

The Netflix Cropping Worst Case Scenario

You may not have noticed Netflix cropping your movies, and you may not care (although you should!). But at least we can all agree that at some point, it's a problem. And who better than Conan O'Brien to show us just how bad things could get? Read More >>

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How Old People Text

Your dear grandma and grandpa are wonderful, caring people who love you very, very much. But why is it that when they add technology into the mix, it messes everything up? What happened to sweet Granny? Maybe they're taking too much advice from Conan, who's hilarious Senior Tech 101 series breaks down how to use technology like texting for old people. Watch it below. Read More >>

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Sarah Silverman's iPhone Camera Trick Is Hilariously Explicit

Funny person Sarah Silverman has an idea for all you twelve-year-old boys with iPhones out there. Make a person tilt their head sideways and then take a picture of a person slightly sticking out his tongue and then... yeah, just watch the video. It's foul, dirty and hilarious. Read More >>

Conan Uncovers the Real Reason You Want an iPad Mini

Once again Conan O'Brien successfully circumvents Apple's reality distortion field with an updated version of the new iPad mini commercial that reveals the real reason you're probably going to pre-order it tomorrow. Hint: it has nothing to do with the smaller form factor, but everything to do with the empty void in your sad life. [YouTube via CNET] Read More >>

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An Exclusive Look at the New iPhon—OH GOD LOOK OUT

Conan O'Brien was all set to preview the new iPhone. Until... SAMSUNGGGGG. Dumb cheap joke? Absolutely. But also great and funny. Someone tell Stefan Jobes we'd like a look at the thing when he's done. [YouTube] Read More >>


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