Electronic Monocle Uses Biofeedback to Track Your Favourite Websites

The internet is a fire hydrant of content. Keeping track of the pages you enjoy is a pain. A team of UK design students has a conceptual solution: Amoeba, an electronic monocle that files away the pages you find most interesting, as measured by your biofeedback response. It's the emotion-tracking Google Glass you always wanted! Read More >>

A 3D-Printed Ultrasound Cast That Looks Awesome and Heals You Faster

Old-fashioned casts are nasty, a festering stinksleeves that you wear like a medieval torture device for what seems like forever. 3D-printed casts take care of the smell and itch issues, and now Deniz Karasahin has designed the next step: a custom cast with an ultrasound device to speed up bone healing. Read More >>

Volvo's Inflatable Child Seat Concept Fits in a Backpack

At one time the military actually tried to develop inflatable planes that were strong enough to fly, but easy to transport. Those never materialised, but the technology involved—a drop-stitch fabric that can be inflated to very high pressures—has enabled Volvo to create an inflatable child car seat that's just as safe as everything already on the market. Read More >>

Land Rover's Augmented Reality Transparent Bonnet Concept Will Keep You Out of Potholes

Aside from the sleek body designs and supercharged engines, part of the appeal of a sports car is feeling close to the ground, hurtling along with such close proximity to the roads as to feel a tangible connection to the street or circuit beneath you. But as Jaguar Land Rover's Transparent Bonnet concept shows, augmented reality could bring us closer to the tarmac than ever before. Read More >>

A Pad and Pen That Lets You Sketch in 3D Using Augmented Reality

Gravity is a pen and pad that allows to sketch in 3D space using augmented reality. The cool patent-pending system hardware and software system has gone through several working prototypes and now they are looking to start manufacturing. Check out the video—it's pretty cool. Read More >>

Inflatable Huggable Robots Could Replace Complex Mechanical Automatons

All of those images of a dystopian future where mankind is enslaved by robots don't seem so terrifying if these inflatable air-powered alternatives are realised. Not only do they seem downright adorable and huggable, they're also incredibly easy to make once a mould has been 3D printed. Read More >>

Avoid Loudmouth Cinema Patrons With Ourscreen

Going to the cinema can be a bit of a hit-and-miss experience. You may find that the film you want to see is no longer showing, or that a random child is trying to start a conversation with you every ten seconds. Ourscreen wants to take that worry out of the cinema experience, and ensure you're able to enjoy the film in peace. Read More >>

A Gigantic Walking City That Farms the Desert as it Moves

Living in the desert is no piece of cake. So to imagine a glittering city in the desert is to imagine something awesome and fantastical—and maybe a touch of crazy. Like architect Stephane Malka's, "The Green Machine," a mobile city on caterpillar treads that farms the desert as it walks. Read More >>

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A German Concept Car Designed to be 3D-Printed in One Piece

German engineering firm EDAG's concept Genesis gives a peek at the sweeping, sci-fi future of car design, where entire vehicle bodies are 3D printed in one piece rather than being assembled from thousands of components. Our gearhead friends at Jalopnik took a closer look during the Geneva Motor Show. [EDAG] Read More >>

If Apple Makes This Apple TV They Will Win the Living Room War

This is what Apple needs to beat everyone: an Apple TV with the graphic oomph of an iPhone 5S, plus a new larger remote that doubles as a full gamepad and a motion joystick—like the Nintendo Wii remote. If this concept becomes a reality, Cupertino really could win over living rooms worldwide. Read More >>

You Can Wear This Fabric Wi-Fi Antenna

Forget what you know about wearable technology. The future of wireless connectivity is going to be woven into the very threads of your clothes. Read More >>

This iPhone Air Concept is Simultaneously Great and Seriously Dull

It seems like the inevitable next step for the iPhone line, given the warm reception the iPad Air received at launch. But should the iPhone 6 land taking much of its inspiration from Apple's updated tablet design, it sure would be boring. Read More >>

Make a Fine First Impression With a Tetris-Playing Business Card

In a time when business cards seem more obsolete than ever, people are coming up with ways to modernise them. What way to make a better first impression than Kevin Bateske, who created this business-card-sized Game Boy clone called the Arduboy. Read More >>

A Floating Arctic City Fuelled by Consuming Icebergs

With glaciers firing off more icebergs into the Atlantic than ever before, it shouldn't be surprising that people are envisioning futures that make the most of the dystopian realities a climate-changed world could bring. Cities that float around the arctic while eating icebergs are another one of those futures. Read More >>

Your Phone's Wi-Fi Hotspot Could Act as an SOS Beacon in a Disaster

Trapped under rubble, unable to move following a natural disaster, it would be easy to assume there's no hope. But soon the Wi-Fi hotspot on your phone may be able to help raise alarm—acting as an SOS beacon to guide rescuers your way. Read More >>

A Brilliant In-Car Touchscreen Interface You Never Need to Look At

Touchscreen displays in our cars aren't going away anytime soon. So designer Matthaeus Krenn figured that now was as good a time as any to radically improve their interfaces, replacing grids of ugly buttons and options with an elegant and minimal multi-touch UI —-that the driver doesn't need to look at. Read More >>


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