Do You Use Your Phone At Concerts?

In some ways, it's a cardinal sin. In other ways, it's understandable. There's a whole world of difference between tweeting between sets to try and inflame your friends' jealousy, and holding your gargantuan phablet above your head for three or four songs at a time, blocking the view of those behind you, and capturing video that is so low quality that no one will want to watch it. Ever. Read More >>

Why It's Sometimes Best Not to Digitally Document Every Exciting Life Event

Over the weekend I attended a concert—the Deftones opening for System of a Down—which I was hell bent on documenting, thoroughly, using my iPhone. All through the Deftones' set, I snapped pictures and took video. Then it started to pour, with thunder and lightning very nearly cancelling the rest of the show, even before SOAD took the stage, and my phone was temporarily fucked via water damage, primarily in the camera functionality. Read More >>

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How to Use Your Smartphone at a Concert Without Being A Jerk

Standing behind a giant person at a concert is an old, analog problem. Today's audience angst comes largely from a blinding mass of giant phones. All around us undulates a constant sea of LCDs. Annoying! You can use your smartphone at a concert, but don't be unbearable. Read More >>

How Jay-Z, YouTube, and Bonnaroo Are Like Airport BBQ

Was this prophecy about 2012 true? Or perhaps this prediction about 2008, if belatedly so? Read More >>

StagePage Preserves Your Concert Memories for the Ages

Lose your ticket stub? Can't find that old shoebox with your concert mementos? Documenting concerts you've attended is now possible with just a few smartphone swipes, so you can relive your favorite moments and keep track of who you saw, what they played, and what you thought about it. Read More >>

Outlisten Wants to See Your Shaky Cellphone Concert Videos

Attending a show is different now. Everybody's holding up a cellphone shooting video instead of watching and listening. This doesn't have to be a 100 per cent bad thing, however. Read More >>


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