Beating the Congestion Charge: 10 Planet Friendly Cars

Transport for London has recently announced plans to increase the congestion charge to £11.50. Combine this with the fact cars now have to produce less than 75g/km of CO² and commuting by car could get pretty expensive. Compiled below is a list of the greenest, cleanest running cars to help beat the congestion charge and save money in the long run. Read More >>

Slower Motorway Trips and Congestion Charge Rises Bring More Boundless Joy to Commuters

Thought travelling around the UK couldn't get any more miserable or expensive? You're wrong. New restrictions are planned that could lower the speed limits on some stretches of motorway, plus London's congestion charge might be about to leap up by 15 per cent. Read More >>

TfL Proves the Congestion Charge Has Absolutely Nothing to Do With the Environment

Right now, hybrids like the Prius, as well as super-efficient diesels, are exempt from London's pricy Congestion Charge, but TfL's latest proposals to rake in another £2 million a year aim to change that. Got a tiny diesel or a hybrid? You'll have to pay a tenner a day just to drive in London, and that plain stinks of yet more government money grubbing. Read More >>


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