At Least We're Not Alone: NSA Spies on Members of the US Congress As Well

The NSA responded today to Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders' letter asking if the agency spies on members of the US Congress and other elected officials. Its response says the NSA treats Congress the same as regular citizens. Which seems like a roundabout way of saying "yes." Read More >>

Anonymous Says It Leaked 2,000 US Government Email Passwords

The rascals over at Anonymous are still pretty upset over the recent revelations about the NSA spying on seemingly everyone so they're acting out in the only way they know how: hacking. Specifically, releasing the supposed email accounts — and passwords — of seemingly everybody in central government in the US. Read More >>

US Government Wants the FBI to Shut Down Hamas Twitter Accounts

Twitter has moved far beyond just being a service you tweet about your lunch on, and along with the many useful services it's a platform for, it can also be a tool for terrorism and violence. At least that's how bits of the US government see it, and that's why they're asking the FBI to shut down Hamas-related Twitter accounts. Read More >>


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