The Floating Super-Factories Spawned by Our Insatiable Hunger For Gas

The world's ever-growing demand for gas is driving companies deeper and further into the ocean to drill for it. And, to do so, they're building a new type of ship: small city-sized floating factories that drill, process, refine, and barrel gas while still out on the open sea. Think of them as one-stop gas shops that, crucially, can operate in international waters. Read More >>

Scientists Make Bricks With Sludge Filtered From Arsenic-Laced Water

Arsenic-contaminated water is a massive problem in the developing world. But, even when you filter it out, the toxic sludge that the process produces often gets dumped right back into the water supply. It's tough to dream up a use for arsenic soup, but one research team finally has: They're making bricks out of it. Read More >>

This New School of Architecture is a Crazy Canyon of Concrete and Wood

What an amazing building this turned out to be, the new Abedian School of Architecture at Bond University in Queensland, Australia. Designed by London's CRAB studio—led by Gavin Robotham and Sir Peter Cook, whose work you might know from Archigram—the 27,000 square foot structure has just been completed and now faces the hard test of everyday use. Read More >>

Breaking the Record for the Largest Concrete Pour in the World

A skyscraper being built in Los Angeles, soon to be the tallest building on the West Coast of America, is trying to break another record, too. Starting today, construction crews will pump 16,200 cubic metres of concrete onto the Wilshire Grand site, which might well make it the largest continuous foundation pour in the world. Read More >>

Can Sochi Get its Shit Together?

By all accounts—except maybe Vladimir Putin's—the small Russian resort town of Sochi isn't ready for the Olympics. In fact, coverage of the preparations has taken on a downright panic-stricken tone. Can Sochi pull it out of the flames? The answer is yes—but at a steep cost. Read More >>

The Concrete Blocks at This Bakery are Made From Empty Sacks of Flour

From afar, the walls at this Gowanus restaurant look like they're made from grey fabric—but they're actually made from concrete bricks poured into empty bags of flour from the resident bakery. Concrete masonry unit? More like cookie masonry unit! Sorry. Read More >>

Sochi's Olympic Village is Half-Built and Full of Rubbish

Sochi is in bad shape. With two weeks to go before the most expensive Olympic Games ever, the sleepy city on the Black Sea looks like a giant rubbish dump. Read More >>

Would You Live in a House of Bricks Made from Pee and Bacteria?

To make a concrete bench, add sand, bacteria, calcium chloride, and some really concentrated pee? Read More >>

Have You Heard the One About the Chilean Bridge and the Spanish Builders?

The project that would see the construction of Chile's first drawbridge has fallen into shambles as it has become clear that the bridge's builders have constructed one of the traffic decks upside down. Read More >>

monster machines
They Finally Found What's Blocking The World's Largest Tunneling Machine

Ever since the colossal machine tunnelling under Seattle, nicknamed Bertha, was stopped in its tracks, there's been a frenzied speculation about what mysterious "object" could possibly block such a powerful machine. The answer is, at least partially, a big steel pipe. Read More >>

A Wall Made of 300 Chairs Takes Repurposing a Step Further

Screens and curtains are alright, but sometimes you want a real wall. Solid, substantial and offering some privacy. If bricks and cement blocks are too boring, you can always turn to re-purposed household items. Right? Read More >>

Learn Real-Life Minecraft at London's First Academy for Tunnelers

In today's Observer, architecture editor Rowan Moore explores Europe's largest infrastructure project: London's new Crossrail line. Moore explains that, in addition to such factors as cost, miles, tonnes of dirt moved, and other construction superlatives, Crossrail also "claims to be the largest archaeological site in Britain, an inadvertent probe through a plague pit, a Roman road, a madhouse cemetery, [and] a Mesolithic 'tool-making factory.'" Read More >>

Film Fest Dedicated to the Underground Kicks Off In London

A film fest dedicated to all things Underground kicks off this weekend in London. Read More >>

China Accidentally Built a Housing Complex in the Middle of a Highway

There's no denying that China doesn't have the best record when it comes to urban planning and development, particularly in regards to real estate—and their most recent blunder is a doozy. Thanks to some poor planning and (presumably poor) communication, China accidentally built a brand new set of modern apartments right in the middle of an eight-lane highway. Your very own permanent, honking sound soother. Read More >>

Qatar's Reportedly Using Slave Labour to Prepare for the 2022 World Cup

Grim news has emerged from Qatar, where preparations for the 2022 World Cup are underway. Even though construction on the stadiums has yet to begin, The Guardian reports that the working environment for Nepalese migrants amounts to slave labour. And it's probably going to get worse. Read More >>


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