Windows 8 Clocks-Up Over One Million Downloads in 24 Hours

People sure do seem to love Windows 8, or at least an OS they can download for free that’s not Linux. It might help that it’s new and shiny, and by the looks of it, is pretty good too. Still, being downloaded over one million times in just 24 hours is pretty impressive. Read More >>

The Five Best New Features in Windows 8 Consumer Preview

The Windows 8 consumer preview is loaded up with great features. Here are our five favourites. Read More >>

Windows 8 Consumer Preview Hands On: No Going Back

Windows 8 is a radical departure from anything Microsoft has done before. When you try it for the very first time, it feels a bit like stepping out onto ice. It is so slick as to be slippery. Commands and icons and apps and menus glide on and off screen and things zoom in and out of its Metro interface in a near vertigo-inducing fashion. Getting your feet beneath you is tricky. Read More >>

Microsoft Unleashes Its Windows 8 Consumer Preview For Your Downloading Pleasure

Want to try out a taste of Windows 8? Now you can, and it’s feature complete too. As promised, Microsoft’s unveiled the consumer preview of its latest and greatest operating system at MWC. It's made some 100,000 changes to the previously released pre-beta developer preview and has bundles in everything you’re likely to see in the final product. Read More >>

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