Windows 8 Nearly Done, "Release Preview" Due in Early June

Release preview means something like "very nearly finished version" in Microsoft world, where its many boffins are almost done creating the next build of its world-beating OS. Read More >>

How It All Went Wrong For Sony

Over the past decade Sony has fallen from tech giant to struggling underdog, with a series of mistakes and mis-management causing the firm to miss out on just about every big advance in consumer electronics. But where did it all go wrong? Read More >>

RIM Ditching the Cheap Kiddy Phones (Updated: Other RIM Man Says It Isn't)

Whether RIM's latest move is fuelled by the company's huge drop in income or the non-stop battering it received for apparently helping set London on fire last summer, or both, we'll never know. The facts are RIM's ditching the cheap kiddy models to focus on the high-end power users that don't set rubbish bins on fire out of boredom. Read More >>


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