Oh, Well, if Apple Says Mobile Payments Might Soon be a Thing, Perhaps They Will

Having watched numerous forms of contactless and virtual wallet-based mobile payment systems appear and quickly fail to catch on with cash-happy consumers, Apple might be about ready to step in and show everyone how it's done. So says CEO Tim Cook. Read More >>

The iPhone and iPad Might Get NFC After All

Apple's long said it's not interested in NFC, rolling out basic on-screen QR code stuff like PassBook instead. But a recent patent filing, for the ability to "gift" people things by bonking phones, shows Apple is actually looking at NFC. Does that mean the iPhone 5S and 5C will come packing the contactless tech? I hope so, because that'll be a very good thing for us all, regardless of who makes your phone. Read More >>

Would FREE ALCOHOL Tempt You Into Bothering With NFC?

Black booze maker Guinness is having a go at encouraging people to use NFC in pubs, with a competition now live that lets drinkers win a free pint just for swiping a pub's beer tap with their mobile. Read More >>

Tesco: NFC is "Past Its Sell-By Date"

Bad news for those who'd like to see NFC phone payments like Google Wallet actually take off in the UK. The Tesco retail juggernaut has basically said it's a load of crap, and that it's already out of date. It's just not "cool" enough, apparently. Read More >>

Visa Has a New Virtual Wallet for RBS and NatWest Bankers

Visa's mobile payments system has been undergoing trials for quite some time, with the alternative to Paypal soon to offer RBS and NatWest customers a new, one-click way to pay for stuff while browsing the web on their mobiles. Read More >>

You Can Now Pay For Things Using Your NFC-Equipped Galaxy S III In the UK (and Get Free Money too)

It might not be a full-blown Google Wallet, but as of tomorrow you'll be able to contactlessly pay for things using your Galaxy S III, thanks to Orange and Barclaycard's Quick Tap. All you need is a Galaxy S III; a MasterCard or Visa, and money in the bank, then you'll be able to fritter away your hard earned cash on everything from beer to gadgets. Read More >>

Contactless Payments Coming to the Countryside, Thanks to Post Office NFC Roll-Out

The never-ending line of slow-moving eBay sellers in your local Post Office might soon shuffle along a little quicker, thanks to the Royal Mail's imminent launch of contactless payment options. Read More >>

Orange's 'Quick Tap' NFC Payments Gently Touching Android

Orange is opening up its Quick Tap payment system to all Android models, although you'll obviously need one of the more recent phones that actually contains the required NFC chip in order to speed up your future crisp purchasing transactions. Read More >>

Paranoid Contactless Card Users Advised to Put Tin Foil in Their Wallets

The unbelievable Barclays Visa NFC bank card hack has been found to work on cards provided by other UK banks, which lets Barclays off the hook a little, but also now implicates Lloyds TSB and possibly other banks in the incredible contactless card security loophole. Read More >>

Barclays Debit Cards Details Can Be Nicked With an NFC Mobile Bump

Barclays may have to recall a staggering 13 million credit and debit cards, after vulnerabilities were found in its contactless payment system which allowed an NFC-enabled phone to steal card details with a simple bump. Read More >>


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