Report: Piracy Isn't Killing Content

Contrary to what the popular press might have us believe, piracy isn't killing content. At least, that's what a team of scholars from the London School of Economics has found after conducting a deep analysis of the situation. Read More >>

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Microsoft Has More Spielberg-esque Xbox One TV Content Deals in the Pipeline

Microsoft's astonishing decision to bankroll a Stephen Spielberg-produced Halo TV series will soon be joined by more telly content deals, with the Xbox One maker set to announce more exclusive shows to help push Xbox One and its entertainment hub ambitions later this year. Read More >>

Steam Gaming Portal to Reward Players With Freebies for Just Playing Old Games

PC gaming saviour Valve is launching an odd card collection and swapsie system it calls Steam Trading Cards, designed to encourage gamers to play older titles to earn virtual cards to collect and eventually trade for in-game items. Read More >>

Google Play Magazines Are Now Officially Official in the UK

The Nexus 7 just got a little bit more awesome, thanks to Google Play. In the battle for the budget tablet, content is king, and we can now officially buy magazines from Google Play in the UK. After being teased yesterday, everything's officially official now. Take that Kindle Fire and Nook HD. Read More >>

Want Free 4K Content? Just Fork Over £25,000 For the TV and You're Set

Yes, that's right, buy yourself one of those beastly Sony 4K sets for the best part of £25k and you'll get access to exclusive, free 4K content direct from Sony through the 'world's first Ultra HD delivery solution'. Sounds like a veritable bargain to me, well, compared to that £600,000 152-incher anyway. [Sony via TechRadar] Read More >>

Why I Pay for Content (And Why That Makes Me Feel Like a Sucker)

In 2001 I downloaded five songs by a now-defunct "folk rock duo" from the internet. The band was obscure, its albums not stocked at the small-town music stores nearby or the Walmart 25 minutes up Route 1. iTunes didn't exist yet. Amazon was still a bookstore. So I fired up LimeWire and snapped them up them for free. Read More >>

Peter Molyneux's Next Game Will Sell You a Pretend Diamond Chisel for £50,000

British game developer Peter Molyneux, the man behind such classics as Populous, Black & White and Fable, quit his Microsoft role recently to create smaller indie titles. His first test venture is Curiosity, a bizarre experiment featuring a £50,000 digital chisel players may purchase within. Read More >>

We'll Finally Get to See Some of Netflix's Original Content, But Only After the BBC Takes a Gander

It’s about time we got a taste of what Netflix has been cooking-up on its own in the US. The Americans have been enjoying all that fancy new original Netflix content including Lilyhammer for months now, while the UK has been stuck out in the cold. Now we’ll get to see what all the fuss (or lack there of) is about, but only after it’s been broadcast on BBC. What the hell? Read More >>

Now You Can Grab Sky Anytime+ on Any Connection

Sky’s continuing full speed with its push to release its content from its satellite lock-in. Sky Anytime+, which lets you stream Sky’s TV roster plus on-demand catch-up from the likes of the BBC, can now be pulled down across any internet connection as predicted, not just Sky’s own-broadband service. Read More >>

Netflix and LoveFilm Added to UK Movie Competition Probe

The arrival of Netflix in the UK and the growth of rival LoveFilm on the film delivery scene could help BSkyB out of its current fix with the Competition Commission, which has asked for more time to consider competitiveness in the UK's broadcasting world thanks to the new streaming upstarts. Read More >>

Steve Jobs Was Smacked Down by CBS' CEO Over Apple TV

Speaking at a conference in LA on Saturday, CBS' CEO Leslie Moonves explained how Steve Jobs approached him with a pitch for an Apple subscription content service. Moonves, however, wasn't convinced, and he decided to turn Jobs away. Read More >>

Britain Gets Screwed Again as Netflix Shows Just How Unbalanced It Really Is With More US Exclusives

Netflix has some great news; it’s tied-up yet more streaming exclusives in the form of Academy Award nominated films from The Weinstein Company including The Artist. Trouble is us Brits aren’t in on the deal, and that’s a problem. Read More >>

Sell Your Book in the iBookstore and Apple Won't Let You Sell It Anywhere Else

Selling a book with Apple's iBook Author program is now a one-way ticket to Apple being the only place you can sell the book. Maybe selling your book on iBooks isn't such a great deal after all. Read More >>

Disney and YouTube to Spawn Kiddie Vids

Given that they're both multi-billion pound businesses, Disney and YouTube embarking on a £6 million joint adventure seems like small potatoes. But as the NY Times explains, the two need each other in a bad way. And this could be the start of something big. Read More >>


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