Apple Rumoured to be Asking US Networks for $100 iPhone 6 Price Hike

Today's unsubstantiated iPhone 6 rumour concerns the price of the forthcoming phone, with Apple said to be aware it has the networks over a barrel and hitting them up for a price increase of $100 (£60) per phone. What are they going to do? Not stock the iPhone? Read More >>

EE, T-Mobile and Orange Award Themselves 2.7 Per Cent Contract Pay Rise

The mobile conglomerate responsible for running EE, Orange and T-Mobile in the UK is god-damn SICK of bravely protecting us from supplier price rises and inflationary pressures, and has finally, despairingly, decided it's time to pass a 2.7 per cent cost increase on to its users. Read More >>

O2 Contract Prices Can Now Go Up Every Year, Despite New Ofcom Ruling -- Updated

Ofcom's long-awaited ruling today on mid-contract price hikes for mobile users was meant to protect customers from unexpected charges. Its decision to restrict a network's ability to raise prices for customers before the term of their contract expires however seems to have backfired, as O2 appears to have found a loophole in the regulator's new rules. Read More >>

EE Prices up iPhone 5S, Minimum Upfront Fee of £49 Required

After the networks opened their iPhone 5C pre-order campaigns last week and O2 gave us a hint of the horrors to come in terms of 5S pricing, 4G specialist EE has now published the amounts of money it wants off us should we want an iPhone 5S this Friday. Read More >>

iPhone 5C Pre-Orders Open in the UK Today; Here are the Numbers of Pain

The UK mobile networks have all opened up their iPhone 5C pre-orders today, letting rampant Apple fans upgrade to or sign up for the newest model. How many arms and legs are you going to have to assemble and exchange for that slightly better thing? Read More >>

EE's Six-Month Smartphone "Swap" 4G Upgrade Deal...Isn't That Much of a Deal

EE and its T-Mobile/Orange buddies are now offering smartphone nuts an easy way to upgrade to the newest phone through a plan it calls 'Swap', letting you buy a new 4G model for a one-off fee as soon as six months into a contract. Read More >>

O2 Prices up its 4G Plans and SIMS Ahead of UK LTE Launch

O2's crunched the numbers and compiled a little chart, giving us all the data needed to work out whether its 4G SIM deals are any good or not. And starting at £26 for a SIM-only plan and 1GB of 4G data, they're not disastrously expensive. Read More >>

Why You Don't Need a Big Expensive Phone Contract Any More

Back when a 'smartphone' was one that could play Snake and people actually sent SMSs, pay-as-you-go was the poor cousin of real phone contracts, stuck outside in the cold sending 12p-per-160-character messages while contracted moneybags partied it up with their 'unlimited' plans. Nowadays, though, rolling 30-day contracts and pay-as-you-go numbers offer all the benefits of contracts, without having to suckle on the 24-month-long corporate teat. Read More >>

EE's Doing 30-Day Rolling 4G Contracts Now

Have you been put off bagging yourself a 4G plan because of the 12 or 24-month contract lengths? If so, you're not alone, but now EE's launched a range of 30-day rolling contract SIM-only plans and they're not that expensive. Read More >>

Vodafone Says Ofcom Changes May Trigger Spam Text Tsunami

Ofcom's looking into ways of stopping controversial mid-contract mobile price rises, with one option being to separate charges the networks are responsible for from ones outside of their control. This, says Vodafone, could mean non-stop SMS spam every time a sex chat line ups its fees. Read More >>

EE's Jacking Up Contract Prices Again

This is getting a bit out of hand. Every network seems to be bumping up prices mid-contract, basically forcing everyone to pay more. EE's about to jack up prices by 3.3 per cent from April 10th, and there's nothing you can do about it, again. Read More >>

A Father Wrote His Daughter a £130 Contract to Stay Off Facebook

If your kid is spending too much time on Facebook, what should you do? Cut the Internet? Annoying for you. Restrict their access? Not realistic. Ground them? Haha. What about giving them a signed contract that promises them 130 quid if they stay off Facebook for five months? Sounds like a plan! Read More >>

Vodafone: Ofcom's Mid-Contract Cancellation Plan Could Raise Costs for Everyone

Ofcom's welcome decision to look at mid-contract mobile cancellations hasn't gone down very well with Vodafone, which claims "millions of people" might end up paying more for their phones to the detriment of the UK mobile market. Read More >>

Ofcom to Let Mobile Users Bail Mid-Contract if Prices Rise

Mobile regulator Ofcom is looking into the difficult issue of mid-contract mobile price rises, putting forward the idea that customers might soon be able to walk away from a long term deal if the price goes up. Read More >>

Idiots Ask Ad Standards Body if "Forever" Actually Means "Forever"

A T-Mobile advert claiming to offer users "unlimited free texts forever" has been investigated by the Advertising Standards Authority, after two people queried the existential issue of whether something can really be proven to last "forever." Read More >>

O2 Wants You to Stay Stay Stay With its Pay & Go Go Go

Pay & Go Go Go is the new name for the results of O2's latest fiddling with its PAYG contracts, which give users cashback and more minutes and data for showing some level of commitment to the network. Read More >>


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