Razer's Project Kazuyo Leaks, Showing an iOS 7 Controller and App Combo

This curvy rubberised thing is Project Kazuyo, an unannounced iOS 7 gaming attachment from PC specialist Razer. The controller features the usual bewildering number of game console pad buttons, which the accompanying app will let users map as they see fit. Read More >>

Griffin's PowerMate Knob Controller Finally Goes Wireless

When Griffin Technology revealed the original PowerMate—a hefty polished aluminium programmable knob—way back in 2001, most users were left scratching their head as to what they'd use it for. But years of software updates have resulted in a surprising useful and sleek desktop accessory that's great for everything from controlling volume, to scrolling massive documents. Read More >>

A Tiny Controller That's Always on Hand to Improve Touchscreen Gaming

We've been promised that touchscreen smartphones and tablets are the future of mobile gaming, but those of us who grew up with Game Boys and Game Gears know that physical buttons and joysticks are still the way to go. That's not to say touchscreen devices don't make for wonderful portable consoles, they just need a little help, and this tiny Bluetooth controller will more than fill that role. Read More >>

Samsung's GamePad and App Combo Aim for the Lounge Entertainment Hotspot

This rather cute retro lump is Samsung's next attempt at doing a universal game controller for smartphones, which it's calling the Smartphone GamePad. It's optimised for the Galaxy range, but ought to work with anything running Android 4.1 or above. Read More >>

Forget Mouse and Keyboard: Play Your Next PC Game with Tongue and Bum

With Steam Boxes looming large in the future, game-peddlers-cum-hardware-makers over at Valve have been experimenting with some new ways to control your PC. Yeah, there's the weird joystick-less Steam Controller, but Valve designer Ben Krasnow has some even weirder stuff: a tongue mouse and a butt controller. Read More >>

Deconstructed Gaming Controllers Reveal Gorgeous Old School Guts

Above, you're looking at the surgically disassembled guts of an old Jaguar controller, the short-lived console originally released by Atari in 1993. It's a thing of beauty, and just one of a series that's equal parts nostalgia and drool. Read More >>

Rumoured Moga iPhone Gaming Controller Has Thumbsticks

According to @evleaks, what you're looking at here is a forthcoming iPhone gaming controller from mobile peripheral purveyor Moga. Like the simpler Logitech leak we saw before, the new controller mimics one of the reference designs released by Apple in the documentation for iOS 7. Read More >>

Here's the First Footage of Valve's Wacky Steam Controller In Use

When we first saw Valve's thumbstick free controller specially made for use with Steam, we had some questions about how it would really work in action. Now, we at least know what it looks like. Read More >>

Steam Is Getting Its Own Crazy Controller

Valve has been announcing up a storm this week, first with its own operating system, and then with its own hardware. Now we've got the third and final piece of the puzzle: a controller. Man is it crazy. Read More >>

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Get Familiar With the Xbox One's Controller

The Xbox One is coming. When precisely, we don't know (what the hell, Microsoft?) but it'll be around November. One of the most important things for any console is how the controller handles. Microsoft took the time to refine and perfect an already decent Xbox controller. Here's what's new and improved. Read More >>

How Does the PS4's DualShock 4 Stack Up to the Old DualShock 3?

Kotaku managed to get its grubby little mitts all over a PS4's DualShock 4 and put it up against the old PS3's DualShock 3 to see what the difference really was. The DS4 certainly has grown; it looks like it's succumbed to the middle-aged spread. Read More >>

The PS4's Controllers Almost Had Basically a Built-In Lie Detector

During the development of the PlayStation 4's DualShock 4 controller, Sony tested a version of a controller that included biofeedback sensors to detect how stressed the player was, based on how much his or her hand was sweating.That's right; the same technology that's used in polygraphs could have been an integral part of the PS4. Read More >>

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The PS4's Controller Is Pretty Big Compared to the Xbox One's

I'm not quite sure how this has happened, but basically Sony and Microsoft have undergone a role reversal. The PS4 joypad is now seemingly bigger than the Xbox One's. Is Sony compensating for something, or has Microsoft finally learned we don't all have American-sized hands? It's only taken three generations. [Weibo via Kotaku] Read More >>

The First of Fifty Trillion Third-Party iPhone GamePads Pictured

Apple's recent opening up of its code to allow third-party peripheral developers to build stuff for its hardware is about to reap rewards, with the first of what will no doubt soon be a flood of plastic gaming controllers appearing for iOS 7 devices. Read More >>

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Xbox One Controller Hands-On: Rumbling Triggers Are Freaking Awesome

You probably heard Microsoft mention that the new Xbox One controllers have 40 new features to make them easier to use. That's true! But a few really make the cake. And the rumbling triggers are going to be the biggest. Read More >>

Valve Testing Sweat-Sensing Biometric Gaming Input in Left4Dead

One of the ways in which PC gaming saviour Valve is looking to innovate is in the field of biometric input, with the Half-Life creator apparently now testing various control methods that use eye-tracking and take data from sweat sensors so the software knows when you're panicking or at the limits of your skills. Read More >>


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