The German Cookie Monster Has Returned His Hostage, and No One Cares

Last week, a golden biscuit belonging to German maker of yummy stuff Bahlsen was 'stolen' from outside their headquarters in Hanover by the 'Cookie Monster'. Now, it's been returned, probably because everyone was bored of a 'crime' that was so blatantly a PR stunt not even the most gulliable biscuit-munching three-year-olds bought it. Read More >>

German Police Are Hunting a Real-Life Cookie Monster Who Stole the Golden Biscuit

This seems like a massive marketing stunt to me, but apparently not. Police in Germany have launched a hunt for a real-life cookie monster, who stole a giant golden biscuit and is holding it for ransom. The prized possession was stolen straight from the Bahlsen biscuit company, best know for the yummy Leibniz butter biscuits. Read More >>


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