An iPad You're Actually Supposed to Cover in Crumbs

If you're discrete enough, this iPad cutting board will convince your friends and dinner guests that you're absolutely flush with cash. Because instead of slicing cheeses, vegetables, and fruits on a traditional cutting board, you can afford to use an iPad for the task. Read More >>

A See-Through Convection Oven Reveals the Mysteries Of Cooking

If you dropped out of school after year 2 and have subsequently wondered what happens between the time you put raw ingredients into an oven, and when they come out as golden delicacies, here's your chance to rule out elves and magic. This countertop halogen convection oven promises to heat food as fast as a microwave, while providing an unobstructed 360 degree view of what's inside so you'll know exactly when something starts burning. Read More >>

Yes, You Can Mix Ingredients With This Working Lego Hand Mixer

Lego builder/Flickr user Hippotam has come up with what is possibly the greatest innovation in cooking appliances since the toaster met the oven. Dubbed the Hippmikser 2000, it's an actual functioning hand mixer made out of nothing but Lego. Read More >>

A Magnet Keeps the Salt Inside These Stylish Shakers

It's £20 for the pair, but it's the kind of thing that looks like you spent a more on it. (Thanks for the help, stainless steel). They come together like your arm bones, with the magnets working like elbows. And they connect at the spot where salt is dispensed, so you're saved from wasting your precious condiments. [Amazon via 7Gadgets] Read More >>

Reclaim Your Kitchen Counters With Philips' New HomeCooker

The various layers all serve different purposes depending on what you're cooking and how you want it prepared, and the base bot even includes an automated stirring arm that promises to keep things from burning or sticking. Also, goodbye gravy lumps. You can even specify an exact cooking temperature, and set a timer so that it shuts off before everything you're cooking is nuked. Read More >>

15 More Insanely Specific Kitchen Gadgets

You'd think you could do most things in the kitchen with a knife and a good mixing bowl. Apparently not, according to the spate of highly specific single-purpose kitchen gadgets that exist. We showed you a few last month, but it turns out there are so many more horrors that we missed. Read More >>

Scrambling Eggs Inside Its Shells to Make Scrambled Hard Boiled Eggs Looks So Fun

Here's a fun little cooking trick for you to try: scramble eggs inside its shell so that you can make scrambled hard boiled eggs. Meaning the entire egg will be perfectly golden all around. Delicious! Read More >>

happy hour
3 Beer-Based Recipes For the Boozy Chef

Shocking revelation: humans like beer! But if all you're doing is drinking it, you're missing out on some of life's greatest beery pleasures. Don't let wine have all the fun; try these delectable beer-based recipes that will bring your love affair with booze to mouth-watering new heights. Read More >>

There Has Never Been a More Random Way to Cook Eggs, or Maybe Anything

There are a lot of weird ways to cook eggs. There are also a lot of normal ways to cook eggs that people try to avoid for some reason. If you like surreal, somewhat phallic egg cooking techniques, though, you need a Rollie. Read More >>

the dreamers
Crowdsourced Transcription Project Discovers (Bad) Cookery Recipes By 18th Century Philosopher

Take a walk through University College London, and you may stumble across a wooden display cabinet containing a human skeleton with a wax head wearing period dress. These are the remains of Jeremy Bentham (1748-1832), Enlightenment philosopher and spiritual founder of UCL. And thanks to an online crowdsourcing initiative called Transcribe Bentham, his work has taken on a new lease of life. Read More >>

4-In-1 Measuring Spoon Leaves You One Thing To Wash

On one hand, the Dash 4-in-1 measuring spoon from Umbra reduces drawer clutter, leaves you with just a single tool to wash, and looks pretty snazzy in the process with its avocado finish. On the other hand, if you've multiple ingredients to measure, particularly wet ones, at some point you're going to probably end up getting your hands dirty touching this. Then again, at around £8.30 a pop you can always just buy two. (Free shipping to the UK) [Umbra] Read More >>

Drunk Politics Student Fried a Dead Hamster

Student James White, 21, admitted to frying up his flatmate's hamster, after an extreme case of the drunken nibbles went tragically wrong. Read More >>

11 Insanely Specific Kitchen Gadgets

A really good knife can accomplish an endless number of tasks in the kitchen. But there are other culinary accoutrements that literally have one job and only one job. Are they clever? Sure. Are they at all necessary? Not exactly. These are some of the most specialised kitchen tools you can get. Read More >>

IBM's Watson Got a Job as a Pastry Chef

Super computer Watson can crush puny humans at Jeopardy. It can do a pretty bang-up job as a doctor. It can swear up a storm. Two of those aren't easy for a normal person, but that's not enough for IBM. IBM wants more. And part of it's plan to push Watson to its limits should really get things cooking. Literally. Read More >>

This Stunning Steel Bowl Is Made from the Mountain It's Modelled After

Tucked amidst the Mont Blanc Mountain Range, the picturesque Aosta Valley is among the most pristine places on Earth. But rather than trek all the way to the Italian Alps, you can gaze upon the region's natural beauty through this 1:2193 scale stainless steel serving tray from Alessi. Read More >>

Silicone Storage Bags Will Make You Wish Every Meal Was Leftovers

Storage containers for leftovers and other foods are usually designed to be cheap and disposable. But it turns out there's a better way. Silicone once again makes our lives easier with these reusable, sealable storage bags that are safe to microwave, boil, or steam. Read More >>


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