3D-Printed Adapter Turns Bamboo Skewers Into an Easy-Clean Whisk

If there's one tool that's a necessary evil in your kitchen it's the whisk. Its ability to blend and whip is matched only by its resistance to being cleaned. But if you have access to a 3D printer and a bag of bamboo skewers, this simple adapter could mean you'll never have to clean out the nook and crannies on a whisk ever again. Read More >>

Cleaning This Flexible Metal Grater Looks Super Easy

A box grater provides more stability and grip when you're turning a chunk of cheddar into shredded cheese, but they pose some challenges when it comes to cleaning and storage. So as the name implies, the Flexy grater starts off flat but can be rolled into a three-dimensional shredder, so it's easy to hold and can be slipped into the shallowest of drawers. Read More >>

It's Pancake Day! Here's a Bunch of Unbelievably Detailed Animals Drawn Entirely in Pancake Batter

We've probably all made a few pancakes in amusingly shaped blobs, but Nathan Shields takes the humble pancake to a whole new level of art. The illustrator, former maths teacher, and stay-at-home dad makes pancakes with his kids that range from Star Wars tributes to portraits of Isaac Newton to animals painted in stunning species-level detail. Read More >>

Here's Some of the Crazy New Recipes IBM's Watson Has Invented

It's a while since IBM's Watson was put to work inventing recipes, but now the fruits of its labours are being cooked up and served out of IBM's new food truck. And the results are... interesting. Read More >>

The Science of Why Your Pasta Boils Over

We've all done it: you put the pasta on to boil, turn your back for a few minutes to wipe off the counter or read the newest Gizmodo article, and suddenly you hear that foreboding hissing sound of water boiling over. You really have only yourself to blame. Read More >>

The Physics Behind Why Sausages Split Lengthwise

I like sausages. I like grilled sausages. I like fried sausages. I like beef, pork and chicken sausages. I even like vegetarian sausages. Sometimes when you cook sausages, they burst. This occasionally happens if you try and cook them too fast. It can also happen if the brand of sausage you are cooking is overly generous with their filling. Read More >>

Science Finds the Universe's Best Chips Would Come From Jupiter

Just because we can't fry food in the vacuum of space doesn't mean that the entire universe has to be devoid of its greasy wonder. In fact, turns out us Earthlings live in an environment damned to produce subpar chips without even realising it. According to a new study, if you're really jonesing for the good stuff, you're going to need to haul your arse all the way down to Jupiter. Read More >>

How Many D Batteries Does it Take to Cook a Turkey?

Sometimes, when Christmas rolls around, things go wrong and you need to get creative. How creative? Well, that's up to your family and their own zany ways. Read More >>

A Handheld Broiler Lets You Guarantee a Perfect Sear

It's hard to keep tabs on the sear on a steak when it's buried in your oven under the broiler. So Dave Arnold, a man known for his innovations in the field of culinary technology, has created a handheld broiler called the Searzall that lets chefs guarantee an absolutely perfect sear on a piece of meat.

how to
How to Cook Virtually Anything in a Rice Cooker

It's true! This magical device isn't just capable of cooking delicious rice, it can also be used to bake bread, make porridge, cook a mean chilli, a chunky frittata, and even chocolate cake. It's an ingenious way to prepare delicious food on a budget, with the added bonus that you won't make a huge mess in the process. Here're five ideas to get you started. Read More >>

A Salad Spinner With a Turbo Button—Who Wants To Wait For Salad?

The allure of a shiny new gadget is easy to overcome when it costs hundreds of pounds and comes with a multi-year contract. But cheaper contraptions, like the stuff you'll find in a kitchenware shop, are almost impossible to resist. Does anyone really need a salad spinner with a turbo button that promises 50 per cent faster rotation speeds? No. But anything with a turbo option is just too tempting. Whether it's cars, computers, or EMSA's new Turboline salad spinner. Read More >>

Enjoy a Meat Facial With Bacon Shaving Cream

You eyes do not deceive you, although your nose might get a bit confused by what the hell is going on. It's Bacon Shaving Cream, a grooming product for men who enjoy a lingering meaty residue. Read More >>

A Physics-Defying Appliance That Bakes Up Hot Ice Cream (Say Wha?)

Most of us are happy to eat ice cream straight out of the container; even scooping it into a cone seems like too much of a hassle. But a restaurant in Spain called El Celler de Can Roca has come up with a novel way to serve the frozen treat—they bake it. Or, more specifically, they use a machine called the Oxymoron Maker II to entomb a scoop of ice cream inside a freshly baked brioche. Read More >>

How Flavours Are Linked, Visualised

If you've ever wondered why certain foods taste great together—tomato and basil or, hell, go American, peanut butter and jelly—then wonder no longer. This amazing visualisation from Scientific American shows how flavours are linked, and explains why certain combinations work so well. Read More >>

Mujjo’s Felt and Leather Cases are the Most Beautiful of All Cases

You want to protect your MacBook Air, but you want to protect it in a way that's worthy of its beauty. Mujjo has a new leather and felt sleeve that is just as lovely as your 13-inch laptop. Read More >>

Almost Everything Your Kitchen Needs In One Neat and Tidy Stack

If you're attempting to outfit a kitchen with a limited budget and even less space, Joseph Joseph has put together this lovely nine-piece Nest kit that stacks like a matryoshka doll for easy storage. The £100 set includes two stainless steel mixing bowls with non-slip bottoms, a fine mesh sieve, a large colander, and five plastic measuring spoons ranging from a teaspoon to a full cup. Read More >>


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