Dyson's Bladeless Fans are Now 75 Per Cent Quieter

The secret to making an already impressively quiet fan even quieter, without sacrificing airflow, was to reduce the turbulence of the high-speed air by creating a larger space inside the base. Dyson also reduced airflow obstructions throughout the fan which meant they could switch to a lower-power and quieter motor without reducing the fan's performance. Read More >>

IBM Is Running Its Brain Computer On "Electronic Blood"

As part of what we can only assume is preparation for some very intense mad scientist Halloween costumes, IBM has announced a prototype computer that is both powered and cooled by an electrolyte liquid. Read More >>

This Glowing Orb Keeps Your Laptop Running Cool in Extreme Conditions

The easiest way to keep your laptop running at peak efficiency is to just keep it cool and comfortable. Its processor can get pretty toasty crammed in that ultra-thin housing, so Thermaltake's created a miniature portable air conditioner called the GOrb II that promises to keep your system comfortably cool, even if you're not. Read More >>

Your Fridge Is a Sauna Compared to This Tiny Quantum Freezer

We've all got refrigerators to keep our leftovers not-rotten, but compared to the National Institute of Standards and Technology's latest creation, our hulking cooling boxes hardly compare. This tiny quantum prototype, no bigger than a few inches, packs as much power as a window air conditioner the size of the Nelson's Column. Read More >>

Intel Is Cooling Entire Servers By Submerging Them in Oil

Air cooled computers are for wimps. But while the idea of keeping temperatures in check using water might be a step in the right direction, Intel is doing something even more radical: it's dunking entire servers — the whole lot — into oil to keep them chilled. Read More >>

Beautifully Depressing Ice Bucket Constantly Reminds You Of the Consequences Of Global Warming

Kitchen accessories that do double-duty are the best way to maximise the space in your draws and cabinets. But the only thing this lovely Polar Ice Bucket does—besides keeping your ice dry while it melts—is to remind you of the dwindling polar ice caps and rising sea levels thanks to global warming. Read More >>

All-Season Jacket Turns Inside-Out To Keep You Warm Or Cool

An Austrian company has developed a new kind of triple-layer fabric that allows this jacket to keep the wearer either warm or cool depending on how they wear it—making it the perfect accessory for globe-hopping adventurers who prefer to travel light. Read More >>

Refrigerated Bathroom Drawers For When You Think You Might Be In There a While

A company called Perlick is now offering a range of 15-inch refrigerated bathroom vanity drawers for safely storing and extending the life of organic or other personal hygiene products, like makeup or even medication. Read More >>

What's the Big Deal? This Skateboard Ceiling Fan Does 900s All Day Long

Over at Notcot's experimental studio they wanted to find a novel way to liven up the boring ceiling fan that hung over their heads. And since they were fans of gleaming the cube, they decided to replace its wooden blades with skateboard decks. Read More >>

Large Scale Water Cooling System Chills Europe's Fastest Supercomputer and Warms Its Operators

Extreme PC gamers often use highly efficient water cooling systems to eek every last drop of performance out of their PCs. But Europe's most powerful supercomputer, the SuperMUC, will be one of the first facilities to use a water cooling system on a far grander scale. Read More >>

Brilliant Spinning Heatsink Cools CPUs 30 Times More Efficiently

Most computers use a two-step process to cool the CPU. First, a heat exchanger pasted to the processor draws the warmth away. And then a combination of a heatsink and fans dissipate it away from the PC. But by merging those two steps into one, this spinning cooler ends up being greater than the sum of its parts. Read More >>

Behold the Most Ridiculous Way To Stay Cool at Work

We're usually the ones to endorse any kind of device that promises to keep you cool during the hot summer months. But maybe heat stroke is the lesser of two evils compared to strapping this cooling contraption to your ankle. Read More >>


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