Samsung Galaxy S5 Review: Less is So Much More

If you can say one thing about Samsung's Galaxy S line of smartphones, it's that they consistently pair some of the best hardware with inexplicable software. The S5 scales back Samsung's bells and whistles, which helps make it easily the best Galaxy phone yet. If only they'd gone even further. Read More >>

Samsung's Galaxy NotePRO and Galaxy TabPRO Tablets are Big and Dreamy

Samsung's tablet family is about get a few new professional members. The new Android tablets, dubbed the Galaxy NotePRO and Galaxy TabPRO (which includes three sizes) are definitely aimed at the business sector, but they certainly look like flagship products that anybody would want to get their hands on. Read More >>

​Moto G Review: The Best Cheap Phone, But Still a Cheap Phone

Cheap smartphones—we mean really cheap, off-contract smartphones—are terrible. They're tormented by horrid, pixilated screens, they're slower than your gran, and they feel like they're held together by Sellotape. The Moto G is none of those things. It definitely has significant shortcomings, but put simply, you can't get a better cheap phone.

iPad Air Review: Bigger Gets So Much Better

It's hard to imagine that it's been only three years since the original iPad came out, since tablets were a part of our daily world. Sure there were tablet computers before, but there weren't tablets the way we know and use them today. And while the iPad changed personal computing forever, it has remained mostly unchanged—especially on the outside. That is, until now. Read More >>

Nexus 5 Review: The Best Android Can Offer (For the Price)

This year, after having leaked more than a shot-up sieve, the long-awaited Nexus 5 is here with Android 4.4 (KitKat) in tow. It's most definitely one of the best phones you can buy, even if it doesn't quite meet its inflated expectations. Read More >>

Galaxy Gear Smartwatch Review: A Pain In the Wrist

The Galaxy Gear desperately wants to be the vanguard of a new era of wearable computers. But while it promises more than the rest of the pack, if anything it makes absolutely clear that the future's still a long way off. Read More >>

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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Review: Biggerer and Betterer

Samsung's Galaxy Note series has been the most popular BIG phone for a couple of years now. The Galaxy Note 2 made some major improvements over the original in terms of speed and utility, and while the Galaxy Mega was a big step backwards, the Galaxy Note 3 aims to leapfrog them both. And, generally, it does. Read More >>

A Love Letter to My First Four Phones

Last month was spent in a state of upheaval. After seven years on one side of the country, I was heading back to the opposite coast, which had led me to go though of the hundreds of pounds of accumulated junk one accidentally collects in boxes over the years. Read More >>

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LG G2 Review: A Braindead Hercules

You could put a helicopter engine on a motorcycle and fill it with rocket fuel, but if you put a toddler behind the wheel, it's not going anywhere. The same is true with phones; you can turbo-charge the processors and hardware, but if the software is stupid and terrible, you've got a stupid and terrible phone on your hands. This is that phone. Read More >>

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Samsung Galaxy Mega Review: Giant Phone Causes Existential Crisis

Hey, look at this phone, I say to my girlfriend. That's not a phone. That's a tablet, she says. Exactly. Read More >>

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When I Actually Wear Google Glass

So far, most of what's been written about Google Glass has been united by one commonality: It's been written from the perspective of someone who had to wear Glass. Because they were going to write about it. But here's when you'll actually want to wear it. Or at least, when I do. Read More >>

16 Classic Films that Got Future Tech Right

You can yell, "Beam me up, Scotty!" all you want, the only thing that will happen is you'll elicit a bunch of bemused stares from passersby wondering if you've bonked your head recently. The sad fact is human teleportation devices don't yet exist in 2013, and even if they did, the tremendous lag would make it extraordinarily impractical. Such is the reality of science that it doesn't always mesh with our fantastic visions of fictional futures filled with flying cars and other implausible technologies. In other words, reality sucks compared to what we've grown up watching on television. Read More >>

LG G2 Hands-On: Killer Hardware, Software Dead on Arrival

We managed to get some hands-on with the LG's new flagship, the G2. It's a phone that has everything going for it, except for the using it part. Read More >>

The Best Smartphone Display: It's Not Who You Think

With the iPhone  4 Retina Display, Apple pioneered the previous generation of smartphone displays in 2010. This time the pioneers are all Android devices, with the iPhone still not even at the basic HD resolution of 1280x720. But there are rumours of higher resolution and larger Apple smartphones on the way, possibly even in the Phablet size class – we’ll see… Read More >>

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LG Optimus G Pro Review: The Fastest Big Phone Out There

Fun fact: In a sprint, the hippo is one of the fastest land mammals, despite also being one of the largest. Similarly, the LG Optimus G Pro is unquestionably one humungoid phone, but it runs about as fast as the top speedsters out there. Whether or not you should consider buying it, however, is up to the elasticity of your fingers. Read More >>

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Krups EA9000 Automated Espresso Machine: Turn Your Kitchen into a Private Starbucks

You've been standing in line for 15 minutes already as the neck-beards behind the counter discuss the high points of the latest Vampire Weekend release. Do you really pay £5 a cup to put up with this shit? Instead, invest your hard-earned cash in a barista that will get your order right every, single, time. Read More >>


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