Tegra 4 Successors "Logan" and "Parker" Revealed by Nvidia Boss

Nvidia has announced new updates to the Tegra line of mobile processors that power a huge chunk of today's mobiles and tablets, with a roadmap that covers developments up to 2015 shown off by the hardware maker. Read More >>

Supposed Galaxy S4 Spec List "Confirms" Eight-Core Processor

Someone who appears to be in possession of a Galaxy S4 prototype decided it would be fun to stick a few benchmarking apps on it, giving us a look at how the phone performs and what might be inside Samsung's next Android flagship. Read More >>

One Million Computer Cores Used in Mundane Jet Noise Modelling Experiment

Researchers working in the rather niche field of turbulence dynamics have set a new multi-core computing record, using a custom app to harness one million simultaneous processor cores to model supersonic jet sounds. Read More >>


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