How a Simulated Mosh Pit Could Save Your Life

Despite their chaotic appearance, mosh pits operate according to an unspoken set of common rules that propagate these spontaneous social systems. Without rules and a common cause, however, the pit becomes little more than a sweaty mob set to music. Read More >>

This Tossing Robot Shoots Mini-Hoops and Throws Darts Better Than Me

Robots can do almost anything these days, including replace humans in space. Now not even professional Darts players are safe from the robot rebellion. Read More >>

Holograms Could Hold the Answer to Non-Reprogrammable Quantum Computing

Bristol University isn't the only one messing around with photons for quantum computing, the US Air Force is also trying to control the pesky devils for the greater good. This brainy bunch are looking at "freezing" the notoriously finicky tools needed to get photons to interact with each other as holograms. Read More >>

Thanks to Cornell, Manhattan Is Getting Its Own Science Island

Many New Yorkers often forget Roosevelt Island — the little strip of land sitting between Manhattan and Queens. But after accepting a bid from Cornell university, who will build a new, state-of-the-art engineering campus there, Roosevelt Island could get a whole lot more popular. Read More >>


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